Crowne Plaza Seven Corners

It's that time of the year- throwing dieting out the window! I think everyone, and I mean everyone, enjoys indulging during this season. Who doesn't right? So many Christmas parties, get togethers and reunions. One of the celebration places we enjoy is going to buffets, particularly Seven Corners of Crowne Plaza.

H and I decided to get a membership when we got married because we were going to stay there for our hotel preparations and wedding night. When we computed, it ended up getting a good deal because of all the discounts and vouchers you get when you avail of the membership card. So we did, and after so many years, we are still members.

Anyways, just this December 12, we decided to celebrate Christmas in advance. We were in the area anyways and we were both so hungry, it was the perfect excuse! Haha!

I loved their Christmas theme decor outside Seven Corners. I initially wanted to have a photo taken with the decor, but got really shy when I saw that a lot of people were lining up. KFineBye.

I love Japanese food and since I can't eat anything raw at the moment, I usually request California Temaki. H loves his Unagi so his was Unagi Temaki. I'm just sad they don't have Tamago.

I wasn't able to take a photo of their appetizer bar so here's one from January of this year. :p They have huge lobsters, mussels and honestly, I don't really know what other seafood creatures are available since I don't really eat them - I'm allergic. But this is my husband's favorite station!

One notable yumminess is their noodles and beef soup. I normally just get the beef soup, because it's extremely delicious. But sometimes, we get mussels, young corn and mushrooms. Oh it's orientally delicious! Haha!

I make sure to eat their steak. I learned my lesson and have it sliced thinly so it's easier to finish. Haha! Mine is always well done and H likes his medium well. This is a must! We didn't like their sausage that much though. It didn't taste anything special. :/

I love my Roti and I'm so glad we found a chef who makes perfect roti. I personally request this because they don't have it in their station. It's usually just Naan bread. I request them to make me this dish and ask for condensed milk as dip. Oh heaven!

Since it's Christmas time, they decorated their dessert station really nicely. We have been going to Seven Corners for 3 years, but this is the first year I saw that they really went all out!

Here are some of the desserts available. 

One of their famous ice cream flavors is Melon. I think they make it themselves. It's really good. Believe me, I don't eat a lot of fruits or fruit flavored ice cream, but this is an exception. I also got Strawberry and my every so favorite, Creme Brulee. I promise it's so good, sinful, and just creamy goodness. I decided to devour it right away when I got it. :) Haha!

Also, because it was Christmas, they had a Bibingka and Puto Bungbong station. I liked their Bibingka a lot. I got two small servings! :D And of course, it's never a Filipino Christmas without these two, right?

Here is my husband's festive dessert platter:

Santa's so cute! And so yummy!
I can just imagine Munchkin enjoying it next time. :)

And to cap off the evening and to help neutralize everything that we ate, we got Twinings Chamomile Tea. It's the perfect companion to buffets as it's very light and personally, it relaxes me. :D

So that is it for my Seven Corners binging. Haha! I don't know if we'll be going again this Holidays. I'm kinda trying to stay on track in terms of my weight gain. :p But! I saw that Seven Corners will offer 50% on lunch buffets starting December 24, I think it's until December 30. So if I were you, check on the promo details! It's a great way to celebrate the holiday with family, friends and significant other!