Krave Minerals Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator Review

I mentioned in one of my pregnancy vlogs that ever since getting pregnant, I found that my skin has become oilier. I normally have combination skin but now, it's doubled. My t-zone becomes oily after just an hour and even my cheeks have started oiling up too.

So I decided to hunt for oil control products to help me combat these nasty oilies and keep them in check. One of the products that I purchased was Krave Minerals' Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator with Pearl Powder. It's a primer and a finishing veil. I bought mine fro Skye Avenue for P285.00.

The jar looked huge but it indicated that it only contains 3g of product. It didn't really bother nor disappoint me because I've been a mineral makeup user for more than 5 years now and I know that you only need a small amount of product  every application.

The product is sheer even though it looks scary white-powder-like shade in the jar. Just like any other translucent powder, it goes on a little light on the skin but fades after a few seconds and blends to the skin, so any person with whatever skin tone can use it.

It also came with a powder puff which I personally never really used. I prefer dusting it with a kabuki or powder brush. I feel like using a brush will not disturb your makeup (given that you'd use it as a finishing veil.)

So finally I put it to the test. I've been reading a lot of reviews about it and since I'm currently battling with oiliness, I think this is the perfect time for me to roadtest the product.

Here's how it looks like upon application:

I used my NYX HD Photogenic Primer as base, put on Maybelline Pur Compact Mineral Powder as powder foundation, of course contoured and applied some blush and lastly, set everything with Krave's Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator.

You can probably tell that it left my skin matte, which was perfect! It has been scorching hot and because of my pregnancy, I feel hotter and sweat more easily. So dewy looking skin just doesn't work for me right now.

Here is 1 hour after application, no retouching whatsoever. I was on the road so this is with natural lighting.

Still not oily even after 1 hour. Even though I was in an airconditioned car, I already went out, did some errands and sweat!

4 hours later still no retouching, again I was on the road after walking for a few minutes and doing some work. Again, because of the heat, I already sweat and used my handkerchief to pat and remove my sweat.

At this point, you can already see my nose getting shiny. Other than that, my cheeks and my forehead still remains pretty matte.

10 hours after application without any retouching, I just came home from work. I had to put my hair up in a pony because of the heat. I was out the entire day, walking from one place to another, doing errands and checking on 4 different stores. Trying my best not to put on even a little powder so I can show you how it looks like at the end of the day.

First of all, my blush is still there! Obviously, it's not as "thick" and as visible anymore compared to when I applied it. This simply shows that I had a good setting powder because it really kept the color intact. You can tell from this angle that my forehead has become shiny, but still not greasy.

My nose is just as shiny as the last time I checked it. But the rest  of the face is still really good. Normally, if I don't use the Oil Eliminator and just rely on a primer, My t-zone will look like a grease pan and my cheeks/blush will already disappear. But I think I still look decent! ;p

Overall, I'm happy with the product. It does help control my oiliness and reduce my need for retouching. Although I still wish that I can really forgo retouching at all. I hate retouching throughout the day; I'm lazy like that. I guess since I have combination skin, this is okay for me. But I think for those with really oily skin, oilier than mine, this may not be enough.

The good thing about it aside from needing minimal retouching is that it's mineral makeup! Meaning it won't clog your pores and it's actually good for the skin. I have been going back to my minerals ever since finding out I was pregnant because I know that with mineral makeup, you can never go wrong. It lets the skin breathe and it looks very natural, and did I mention there's no white cast even if you use this setting powder? For only P285, I think it's a good buy. I only used an itsy bitsy amount when I applied it on and just put a little extra on my t-zone which is my problem area.

I will still continue searching for more oil control products and share them with you so you'll have a lot of options. Us oily-combination girls have to stick together! ;)