Makeup 101 with Vianna Mendez

I studied Makeup Artistry at the Academy of Beauty & Arts for 2 months and it was a Monday-Friday 4-6 hour class and finished my OJT at MAC Marrionaud. But I still enjoy going to workshops and makeup lessons because I still learn new techniques from other makeup artists, and I love it. It's education, and for me, a great makeup artist never stops learning new things.

(Photo by Kei San Pablo

So of course I said yes when Martha told me that she's got one more slot left for Makeup 101 with Vianna Mendez, who's the daughter of the famous makeup artist to the stars, Jesi Mendez. She studied at Make Up Designory (MUD) in the U.S. and has been working alongside her father and conducts regular workshops.

 (Photo by Kei San Pablo) 

 (Photo by Kei San Pablo

We were taught how to properly groom and fill in the brows.

Here's how my brows look like:

 left- groomed and filled
right- bare

 TADA! :)

I admit it's an advantage that I know makeup because I get to follow our instructors easily and it does feel good when they check my work and say that I did a good job. ;)

We were also taught how to check the perfect shade of foundation and what type of foundation is best for which skin type. I learned that I'm normal-combination skin. From my experience, stick foundations don't work for me. It always makes me look greasier. But I would still suggest to test the products yourself to see if it works well or not.

Next was false eyelashes application! This is always tricky and I learned how to do it through practice. I remember it would take me 30 minutes to apply my falsies at first. It was so difficult. But eventually, I got the hang of it and can now do it in a minute or so. :p

We also talked about facial shapes and how to put blush correctly based on our facial shape. I really like this diagram because it shows where exactly you should put your blush.

Then of course it was time for the eyes! Here's a nice diagram that shows the parts of the eye:

We obviously got busy. What Vianna does is to do one eye or the half of the face and let us do the other. This way, we have a guide which we can follow. I actually decided to work on myself and then let them check after.

After the workshop, Martha said that she has a few products to give us. Yey! I didn't win the raffle but I got to take home a soap. Thanks Martha! :)

Here are some more photos:

 Joanne's final look

 Nesty & Vianna
our Instructors

(Photo by Joanne Abraham)

 with LuLu Makeup Ambassador, Joanne

 Nesty, Me & Vianna

Martha, Joanne & Me
(Photo by Joanne Abraham)
When I got home, I decided to take photos of my final look first before removing my makeup:

For my makeup, I actually thought of wearing a neutral smokey eye makeup since I was going out for dinner that evening, but Vianna wanted to experiment and decided to add glitters on my lids. Haha! :)

 (Photo by Kei San Pablo)

 Carry ko naman? ;)

The workshop was a lot of fun! New things I learned: new technique for grooming the eyebrows and filling it. New blush application technique which was quite interesting. Maybe I'll blog or do a tutorial on that next time. Also, it was so great meeting new people! :) Thanks Martha, Vianna and Nesty!

(Photo from Joanne Abraham)