Kate (Kanebo) Animation

One of the most recent events I went to (before my busy week) was the Kate Mall Animation. I was lucky enough to be invited to check out the new product which is the Wide Edge Eyes. And since it was an animation, we were able to have our makeovers. We were made up by makeup artists of Kanebo!

While I was browsing their products, I saw their eyeshadows and oh my, I feel like I was transported to Glitter and Shimmer island. I love it! All of their eyeshadows were shimmery and sparkly! All of the Japanese brands that I know all sell shimmery eyeshadows. Apparently, girls in Japan enjoy their share of glitters and shimmers. :)

 Kate's new eyeshadow palette,
Wide Edge Eyes

I went with my friends Sab and Andee. And all of us got a makeover. And since Andee went first, I documented her makeover. I wasn't able to take videos of Sab's makeover because I was also having my makeover at the same time.

 Andee's Before Shot

After a couple of chikahans, here's Andee's final look:

Like what I mentioned, I also had my makeover. The first time that I went to Kanebo's event I wasn't able to get a makeover where I was made up by Kanebo's makeup artists. So this time, I knew I had to go get dolled up!

(Photo from Kanebo Philippines)

I wasn't able to get a Before photo of myself. So here's my final look c/o Mariel who has really light hands while doing my makeup.

I was able to take some photos of the other bloggers as well. Although I left early so I think more bloggers came after I left.

 with my favorite Youtube sisters Andee and Sab

now with the uber funny Marge
(photo from Kanebo Philippines)

Mariel (makeup artist), Me, Andee, Marge, Cat, Sab

(photo from Kanebo Philippines)

I am seriously obsessing about Japanese makeup nowadays. They really have high quality products. The Kate eyeshadows used on me were so pigmented and I have a favorite! Their concealers! I fell in love with their concealer the first time I tried it on and when it was used on me once again, it was just AMAZING! I have to save up for it!!! :)

I wonder what your favorite Kate products are? Care to share?