Kanebo's VIP Beauty Affair

Being in the beauty industry, it's inevitable that it would be so hard to choose one's favorite brand. I have to admit, I am in love with so many brands and not loyal just to 1. Who can? It's like making you choose who your favorite child is.

One of the brands that I'm familiar with but never really had the chance to experience yet was Kanebo. So when I received their  invitation, I knew I had to go. I invited my friend Jes to come with me to the event.

It was held at Studio SnR which is owned by Sydney who I met in one of the bloggers events I attended last year. It was very timely since I have always been intrigued with how Studio SnR looks inside. :)

After meeting Yannie, she directed us to the cocktail area first. Oh my, the chicken salad is soooo good! I kept telling everyone to eat the salad! I don't know if it's catered or it's by Studio SnR, but I can't get enough of it! Right, King? :)

 Jes & King

Kate, Lunasol and Impress products which are all part of the Kanebo group, were displayed for us to play with and use for our makeovers. There were makeup artists and beauty experts to help us and introduce us to the products.

Makeover time!
(photo from Kanebo Philippines)

Since I was already made up, I decided to just revamp and retouch the makeup I had on. There were quite a lot of guests that day so I just chose the products that I wanted to use and did my own makeup. I wasn't able to take a before photo anymore, but here's how I look with mostly Lunasol products. :)

These are the products that I used for my makeup:

I used green as lid color and purple for my outer v and white for my highlight. I gotta say I'm very impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. One swipe is enough! You can tell that it's really good quality, it's soo pigmented and creamy.

I am in love with their brushes! They were ultra-soft! My fellow bloggers were all laughing because I kept blending and blending my eyeshadows because I loved the brushes. They felt so good on the skin.

I also used Kate's liquid eyeliner which has an interesting 3-dot tip. I wasn't sure how to use it at first but decided to use it like a typical liquid eyeliner. But the 3-dot tip helped me with my lower lashline. I decided to dot it by just pressing it and letting the liner make a three dot "lash root" looking line. It helped make my lower lashes fuller.

Since I was breaking out, I had to conceal them with this concealer. It gave really good coverage!

Since they didn't have any contour powders, I decided to use bronzer instead.  I used the darkest shade from this trio to give my face dimension.

For blush, since I chose greens for my eyes, I thought peach blush would look good with it. :)


Their lipgloss reminded me of MAC's lipglass sans the stickiness. And their lipsticks were really nice and moisturizing too!

My fellow bloggers Marge, Jes and Cat had their makeovers done by Kanebo's artists.

Since I was seated next to Marge, I was able to track her progress. :)

As usual, before applying any makeup, it was important to do skin care first! They started by cleansing her face with Impress Cleansing Cream and moisturized with Impress IC Intensive Care White Lotion and Impress White Emulsion 2.

Next was to do her makeup! Impress liquid foundation was used for base and concealed her dark circles and blemishes with Lunasol Concealer Palette.

For eyebrows, they used the Eyebrow Styling Pencil.

For her eye makeup, Lunasol eyeshadow palettes were also used.

Here's Jes:

Final Result:



(photo from kikaytalk)

Joanna & Sherry

Here's King. She didn't get a makeover anymore, but she still looks lovely as ever.

After our makeovers, it was time for more photos!

 (photo from kikaytrekkie)

with Ms. Jenny Laing of Kanebo

(photo from Kanebo Philippines)

with fresh faced Angela

Happy Girls!

I cannot wait to try some more of their products! I am actually starting to get addicted to Japanese brands. They're so impressive and obviously, Kanebo did not disappoint!

If you missed the VIP event and want to get a taste of what Kanebo offers, visit their mall animations at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia starting Feb 27-March 11. Drop by their counters to get special discounts and product application by their artists! :) And I do hope you'll like their products as much as I did! :)