San San Age Defense Two Way Cake

Hi everyone! It's a rainy day today. I know a lot of you are just staying home. Me however, I'm at work. Busy because the opening of our new branch is just around the corner. So before all the chaos later, here's a short review that I did for San San Age Defense Two Way Cake Powder.

 San San Age Defense
Two Way Cake Powder

 I got Shade 01 (lightest warm tone shade)

I bought this powder from HBC during their SALE so I was able to get it for only P88.00. It's a steal seriously! Although the retail price is around P150, it's still a good price, I'd say.

It already comes with a sponge because you can use it for wet application. I don't use it regularly, but if I do, I use it dry. I don't really use a lot of liquid products especially for normal days.

Like what I said in the video, it's a little powdery. This is the reason why it's not as pigmented and why it doesn't give too much coverage. Even though that's the case, I still think it's a good retouch powder as you don't really need a lot of coverage for retouching. We usually use a translucent powder but some powders tend to get white, so with this powder since you are able to choose which shade to use, you can already pick out a shade that matches your color.

I bring it with me and use it to blot my oiliness away. It's also got ingredients for anti aging, obviously that's a very good benefit to get from makeup!

I would recommend it as a blotting or retouch powder. If you need heavier coverage, I would suggest you buy a different powder as this won't do. But if you're just looking for something that would mattify the face during the day, this would probably be a candidate. :)


1.5 out of 3 Schnauzers