Majolica Majorca Makeover

Good Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a good week so far. Mine's not so bad either, just busy doing work and also updating my blog. Not complaining though. :) Can I just share, I am quite excited that H and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary next month? We're still in search of where to go though. Any suggestions? Just here in Luzon, driving distance. haha! Thing is, I'm not much of a beach girl. Yes, boo me. Haha! But seriously, that cuts down all the possibilities in half. So I'd appreciate any suggestions from ya'll. :)

On to my post today.  One of the brands that I've been dying to get a hold of is Majolica Majorca. I love their packaging, plus it's the sister company of Shiseido. The first time I saw Majolica Majorca was abroad. I forgot if I saw it in Singapore or Thailand and I already fell in love with the products. So when I saw that they were holding a makeover and their chief artist will be giving a few makeup tips, I made sure to be in attendance!

Here's a peek of what was used on me: 

First thing's first is primer. Skin Lingerie (P695) was applied on my t-zone. This helps mattify the face and imporve imperfections. It also helps keep makeup in place and last longer. Then Marife chose Skin Remaker Pore Cover in OC20 (P1050 SALE price/ P895 refill only) as my foundation. I have to say I am AMAZED with this product! It's so smooth on the skin, it made my face really flawless!

*It turned out that OC20 is too light for me. I think I'm BC20 or OC30.

Next she filled my eyebrows with Brow Customize Set in BR660 (Dark brown) (P295 for the pencil, P225 for the holder, P295 for the powder). I heard a lot about this and it's a genius tool! There's a pencil and powder in one set!

Next it was time for eyeshadows!!! I asked Aimee if Majolica Majorca has matte eyeshadows and she said that they don't. Because young girls in Japan loves their shimmers and glitters! Haha! We chose to use two quads. I asked for a neutral look so we opted for browns and taupes.

 Majolook Trick On
BR751 (Brown)

 Swatch (+ flash)

 Swatch (- Flash)

Apply taupe shade on the lid and the brown eyeshadow on the crease. Set it with the trick on color (white) for that 3D effect. And the gold shade was used for my lower lashline.

 Illuminator BR355

 Swatch (- Flash)

Swatch (+ Flash)

Apply dark golden brown shade on the outer v to add more depth and definition to the eyes. The light gray shade (almost silver) was used for the inner corners of my eye.

Next, I was able to try out their Perfect Automatic Liner in Black (P695). This was used to line my lash line. And I chose to use their Cream Liner in Black (P595) to tightline.

Next is also another favorite, Lash Expander Mascara (P795) was used to lengthen and give my lashes volume. I wasn't able to curl my lashes but I could still see the difference it made to my eyes.

Next is on to my cheeks. I asked Aimee if they contour and she told me that they don't because Majolica Majorca is all about looking natural and youthful.

 Cheek Customize (P495)

Aimee used two cheek customize blushes for my face. The pink she says would look beautiful on my skin and she added a little bit of the golden red tone to warm the blush color.

Of course to finish the look, Aimee applied Rouge Magix Gloss in OR317 (P495) on my lips. It reminds me of MAC Lipglass because of the consistency.

 Loving the packaging!!!

So here's a rundown of the products used on my makeover:

 Lash Expander Plus | Skin Lingerie | Skin Remaker Pore Cover OC20

 Majolook Trick On BR751 | Illuminator BR355 | Perfect Automatic Liner in Black

 Cheek Customize PK333 / RD3255 | Brow Customize Set in BR660 | Cream Liner in Black |Rouge Magix OR317

I want to thank the beautiful ladies from Majolica Majorca for my makeover:

 Marife of SM Cubao branch

Aimee, Chief Makeup Artist of Majolica Majorca

So now here's my photo after the makeover!

No concealing done. That's how good the coverage of the foundation is.

My makeup actually lasted the entire day! :) I'll post a separate entry and show you photos after more than 8 hours! So amazing!!! I can't wait to go shopping soon!