Lory's Professional Hair Cream Nutri Sun Gloss

One of the things that I bought for myself during the Philippine Cosmetic Expo was the Lory's Professional Hair Cream. I've read endless of blogs saying that this product really works and it's worth the try. I mentioned in my video that even before I went to the expo, I already wanted to buy a jar for myself. Good thing I didn't because I got my jar for only P100 instead of P185.

I got the variant Nutri Sun Gloss as per the Sales Attendant's suggestion. I told her that I had normal hair, not dry and not oily. I don't have much problems with my hair and I do not and have not colored it ever. She first recommended the Fruit Cocktail variant but I didn't like the scent that much. Although they say that it's actually one of their best sellers. I just felt that it was too sweet. Haha! So I settled for the Nutri Sun Gloss because it gives protection to the hair from the sun and it nourishes it and leaves it shiny.

It's not actually cream like a thick cream. It feels like conditioner and it also does what conditioners do for the hair, except more intense.

I have already used it twice and the first time I'd say was not as good as the second. I read the instructions and it said to apply it on damp hair and leave on for 15 minutes (better to use a shower cap) before shampooing the hair.

Since I use an organic shampoo (Skin Hour Hairfall Be Gone), it doesn't have as much moisture as regular commercial shampoo. So yes, after leaving the hair cream for 30 minutes, it indeed feel super soft. I used just a small amount (P10 coin size) for my entire head. But when I shampooed it, the softness disappeared. It felt like my old hair. Fail. I learned that I should probably shampoo my hair before using this or not shampoo at all. But you know what, the next day after taking a bath, I felt the same softness once again! I didn't put hair cream anymore and still used my Hairfall Be Gone shampoo, but my hair felt so soft, so light and shiny.

My second attempt came a week after. Since I knew that I shouldn't shampoo after, I decided to do apply hair cream at night. I normally take a bath in the morning and just shower at night. I don't shampoo at night anymore so I figured maybe it's better for me to do my treatments at night. So I did and voila soft hair right away straight till I go to sleep! :)

What I love most about Lory's Hair Cream is that the results stay on for about 2-3 days. When I go to get hot oil in the salon, yes my hair feels softer and light and shiny but after a day, when I go and shampoo my hair, it's gone. The Lory's Hair Cream is so convenient to use because it's a DIY treatment and it only takes a couple of minutes. I do 30 minutes just so my hair is fully soaked with the cream.

When I run out, I'd probably try a different variant (ahem ahem Duo Chocolate, because I really really like the smell). I do recommend this for those people like me who do not have time to go to salons and sit for an hour or so for their hot oil. This is my to-go-to treatment when I just want to flip my hair back and forth. ;)


3 out of 3 Schnauzers