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Yesterday, I was out the whole day and got back home really tired as I was standing most of the time organizing the shoot of LuLu Makeup. It was fun and tiring at the same time. Seeing ladies getting dolled up always gives me an adrenaline rush and injects just about the right amount of energy to keep me going.

I will be posting photos and sharing stories about the photo shoot later on. I wanted to share our initial meeting prior to the photo shoot.

It happened a week ago, the 22nd of June. Initially, the shoot was scheduled last June 26, however, because of the bad weather we decided to postpone it for everyone’s safety. Since my sisters Jus and Dane couldn’t make it, I was the representative to meet with 2 of our vlogger partners Janica and Say.

264585_10150206720926479_565371478_7513877_1555658_n photo couresty of Say

262692_2178337540620_1312320814_2745527_2060584_n   photo courtesy of Janica

We met up for lunch to discuss the different looks we were to do for the shoot. We brainstormed and came up with really good ideas. I, personally, got super excited about the shoot that I couldn’t wait for the day to start. :)

On a personal note, this was also a good time to get to know these ladies better.

270327_2178333100509_1312320814_2745515_225029_n photo courtesy of Janica

photo couresty of Say

Obviously, I already met Say a couple of times before. And I fell in love with her personality in an instant. I still remember meeting her the first time and thinking to myself, “why is she so quiet? She doesn’t seem too shy in her videos?” I was in awe when I met her and the second time we saw each other, I realized this girl could pass like a little sister to me. She’s super sweet, beautiful, not quiet at all!, she’s just like me! Haha! :) So I was so excited when she partnered with LuLu Makeup and I learned we’d be working more often!


I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Janica’s video. All I remember is when I saw her blog and her pictures, all I could think of was “dang… this girl is so beautiful!” And then I found out she models. Meeting her in person- it was no surprise that my jaw dropped. Janica turned out to be a living doll. Aside from her good looks, she was so down to earth. So sweet, a little mahinhin at first, and you’d think she’s very shy around people, but once she starts talking, she actually opens up! Janica, being a partner of LuLu Makeup, is such a great news to me. I love dealing with real people and talking to her, I knew we’d hit it off.


Too bad my sisters didn’t get to meet them in a casual basis such as this, these two were just so fun to hang with. It’s definitely an honor for LuLu Makeup to have them as partners. Kinda sad that one of our partners is not from Manila, she should have joined us and joined us in the shoot too. But I’m sure there will be next time anyways. :)

So that’s about it for our initial meeting. I’m so so so excited to see the final outcome and share them with you all! Hard work definitely pays off when you see smiles at the end of the day. :)

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*All photos are from Say Tioco Artillero and Janica Buhain