Last few photos from Thailand

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I have forgotten to post some more photos I wanted to share while I was in Thailand last month. Boo! I was just so excited to post other entries and totally left some photos in my computer. Thank goodness I went through some of the folders and saw them.

Anyways, we went to Jatujak a day before we left for the Philippines. Jatujak is a shopping haven! However, Hand I went there for a leisure stroll and food tripping! I was so excited because he has been bragging non stop about the pica pica food he ate when he went to Jatujak with his friends. JJ is like Tiendesitas, except bigger and warmer. Luckily, it wasn’t that hot when we went that day because it has been raining. Here are some of our photos:

I must admit, I forgot that I was a blogger and just enjoyed the whole day so I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures. Here are some:

Coconut ice cream

One of what H wanted me to try and I tell you, it’s very refreshing.

Thai tea

When you order this, they will make it while dancing. No joke. It was entertaining.

Choco Banana

We tried the one with nuts. I didn’t like it. The chocolate was spread thinly, and it was dripping all over. I have already eaten one here in the Philippines by San Fo Treats and I like it better for the chocolate was chilled so it was harder.

  My favorite Thai dessert!

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s my favorite!!!! I love it! It’s like a thin crispy crepe with cake icing on top and the golden string, I’m not sure what it is. But this is love! My most favorite Thai dessert. And it’s 10bht only!

I should have taken photos of everything we ate though. Next time next time! But here's a rundown: (We didn't have lunch anymore, and just ate their pica pica.)

1. Fried squid eggs
2. Fried chicken tenders with fries
3. Coconut ice cream (as seen in photo) with free coconut juice
4. Choco banana (not as good as the ones in San Fo treats)
5. Fresh melon fruit
6. Green mango with sugar and chili dip
7. Chrysanthemum tea
8. Hotdogs
9. Squid and meat balls in a stick (10thb in Jatujak)
10. Squid balls in a stick (5thb in JJ Mall)
11. Iced Coffee
12. Pepsi
13. Crispy crepe type Thai dessert (as seen in photo)

After the trip to Jatujak, we met with H's Malaysian friends Marilyn, Yen and Jeff and met with Thai friends Pupea and Choti to go to a parade. There was a religious event and it was the feast day I think. So there was a temple parade and we accompanied them to the event.

Marilyn, Yen and Jeff

It was really humid and really hot during the parade because there was a lot of people! The street was packed. In the Philippines, I’d compare it with the Poon ng Nazareno parade in Quiapo.  It was such an experience!

During our last day (our flight was 12mn), we went to a nearby mall and stroll around.

Top- ShopSui Versi Top in Blue

We already couldn’t decide where to eat. And we saw this restaurant at The Mall, Bangkapi.

 Shanghai Xiao Long Pao



I apologize that I forgot the names and prices of our food. I was so hungry because I didn’t have breakfast and forgot to keep the receipt. But that won’t keep me from sharing my food shots. (Even though they’re not really that great.)




Xiao Long Pao

Their xiao long pao was the best! I remember it was sooo tasty. The juices were in tact. It was cooked perfectly according to H, who knows his Chinese food really well.

After eating, I had to go to the beauty section. I just had to!


with my favorite MAC


FYI, at that time, MAC Venomous Villains collection wasn’t available in the Philippines yet.

So there, I just wanted to post the photos before it gets too late. :)