Hopeless Romantic: Qasa 61


My HR post for today is our dinner at one of the secret places I’ve kept for awhile now. And we have just had our dinner date a few weeks ago. Qasa 61 is one of those quaint places I have always loved going to. I love that it’s very private and intimate. That’s one of the main reasons why I have always wanted to dine in Qasa 61- The Dining Studio.
I’ve heard about it months back and wanted to celebrate H’s birthday last April in Qasa 61. However, they were closed the day of his birthday. So finally, for our 1st wedding anniversary, I wanted to surprise him with a private dinner and have Qasa 61 all to ourselves. Qasa 61 is sooo romantic. I have reserved the entire place so it was just the two of us and our own butler. The place was simple and intimate. Just the way I want it.

H was sooo far away that I wanted to make sure he’s treated well and special when he gets home. Plus it’s our anniversary. :p

I have reserved Qasa 61 for dinner. As usual, it was a surprise and he didn’t know where we were going. He knew we’d be eating dinner somewhere but had no idea what I had in store for him.

Here are photos of the place:
I’d say the place exceeded my expectations! I wanted a private and intimate dinner with my husband and I got it perfectly. I was extremely delighted. Everything was so beautiful. I wanted to stay there for as long as I could. 😉
On to our food, Tita Beth, the owner and chef of Qasa 61, was so sweet and friendly and very accommodating. She visited and said hello to us while we were eating. 🙂
Creamy Squash Soup
This was the first dish that was served. It was okay. I found it too gingery and H says it’s too salty. Probably because there was bacon on top. I actually bit a slice of ginger. More mixing would have helped and less sodium. Not my favorite.
Adobo Spring Rolls
for sharing
This was okay. The spring rolls were crunchy, a little oily but that is always expected for this kind of dish. It was served with a sauce too. I would have wanted the filling to be richer, and maybe the sauce instead of garlic/tartar, should be adobo sauce to make the meat inside taste like adobo more. H and I both felt it was good, but we couldn’t taste the adobo.
  Tuna Ceasar Pasta
This was our least favorite of all. I didn’t know how it tasted. I can’t even explain it. It was salty, a little bitter- there was just too much going on. We didn’t finish this dish as we both didn’t like it.
Perfect companion for our main dish!
 Baked Salmon with Creamy Caper Sauce
I liked this dish! This was one of the best. The salmon was not overcooked, it was moist and juicy. It tasted fresh. It was baked perfectly. The sauce was a good match to it. Though I personally feel like it didn’t need any sauce anymore as it was already very delicious as it is.
Grilled Tenderloin Steak with Gravy
The best dish of the night! Hands down! H said he will come back to Qasa 61 because of the steak. Aside from the fact that H and I both love meat. This tenderloin steak was perfect. It was tender, moist, cooked to perfection! H didn’t put gravy anymore, but I did because I like saucey food. We both loved this dish. It wasn’t dry. It was perfect! Must try at Qasa 61.
Yummy Sweetness Delight Galore
for dessert
I liked the vanilla ice cream with nuts and I’m not sure if it’s butterscotch or graham crackers. I liked it a lot, as it wasn’t too heavy.
Unlimited Iced Tea 
Nothing beats bottomless drinks! :p
After the dinner, I was sooo full. H was too! We couldn’t move much anymore. Haha! It felt like we had a buffet. There was a lot of food! So I really think I got my money’s worth.

Top- see through long sleeve blouse from Bangkok / yellow spaghetti top from Petit Monde
Bottom- Bench jeans
H enjoyed too. I think these things I do mainly because I want to experience these things with H. I love seeing his eyes glow with tears of joy and happiness. He has always told me that he would have never experienced all of these if it wasn’t for me. And that makes me happy, that’s what motivates me to do better. 🙂
Because I loved the place so much, I even told H that I think I want my future baby shower to be held at Qasa 61. :p We’ll see. 🙂
Thanks to Tita Beth for the warm welcome!  
Qasa 61 – The Dining Studio
No. 61, Lopez Jaena Street Tanong, Marikina
*5 minutes away from Ateneo if you are coming from Katipunan, OR 5 minutes away from Eastwood if you are coming from C-5 Libis (depending on traffic)
Qasa Creased
Here’s their menu if you want to check them out:

Qasa Menu Final