Umm!.. Milk

Ice cream is one of my happy pills. How about you? Sometimes even if I’m already full, I still would want to eat ice cream. Is that weird? And I’m always open to trying different brands of ice cream.

While we were in Thailand, I came across a really nice ice cream store. I was very impressed with the look of the store that I dragged my husband to try their ice cream.

Umm!.. Milk

We tried the Fresh Milk and Coffee Almond flavors.

I have never tried a Fresh Milk flavored ice cream; which is the reason why I was so curious about it. It didn’t smell like milk but when I tasted it… I feel like I tasted heaven. Haha!

The ice cream was very refreshing. And it wasn’t heavy at all. I felt like it was a guiltless pleasure. Seriously. I think it’s so easy to make a fresh milk flavored ice cream, don’t you? Given that milk is one of the main ingredients? It’s really really good!


And it’s THAT good that I can’t wait to go back to The Mall again to have a taste of Umm!.. Milk! :) Yum!