CO: MAC Brow Set in Beguile

Time for another current obsession:

I've been wanting to get this product for so long, but just didn't think I really need it. But after my work at MAC and wearing it for so long... I decided I look good using it, and I just had to have it. :p

MAC Brow Set P850

I couldn't decide whether to get Beguile or Boy Girl. But Beguile has a grayish hint and looks better with dark hair. While Boy Girl is recommended for colored hair. So I chose Beguile since I have virgin black hair.

The brow set is like a mascara for the eyebrows. It sets and keep the eyebrows in place and since it's colored, it gives a  lighter look to your brows, it's very subtle. Dark brows sometimes make us look older and more mature. However, consider your hair too. It should be close to the hair color or only a shade lighter.

Here's a swatch:

no flash

with flash

I tried to take a photo of my eyebrows for comparison: (You can go through my blog for my eyebrow photos without using the brow set.)

Left: Modelco Eyebrow powder in Dark with Beguile brow set
Right: Modelco Eyebrow powder in Dark alone

Final result