Bridal Bouquet

I'm a sucker for flowers. I guess that makes me a girly girl. I love receiving flowers any day. It screams romance and love. I've received flowers from my husband back when we were still dating, but now that we're married, he has yet to give me a bouquet. Hmmm... I wonder if he's reading my blog?! ;) *evil laugh*

So choosing my bridal bouquet was a breeze! I already knew what I wanted, how I wanted it to look like. I definitely wanted red red roses with some crystal embellishments. I wanted it hand tied with a ribbon and just a few pieces of leaves.

My bridal bouquet

So as we searched for a supplier, I knew that it was very critical to explain what I wanted. Afteralll, I will only have one bridal bouquet ever. So I researched different suppliers, I didn't want to spend too much on the flowers since I know it's just flowers and they'll die a day after. So my husband and I went to Dangwa, a place where you can find very cheap flowers. And we met with Mang Boy Mahusay, whom I researched about. I read so many wonderful reviews and just one or two negative comments. When we were talking, he seemed really nice so we entrusted him with the flowers including my bouquet.

Come my wedding day, October 18, the flowers were delivered to my husband's room and when it was turned over to my suite, to my horror, I saw a fake flower. When I observed it, I realized it was a real rose but was actually white, so Mang Boy spray-painted it with color red. I was so furious. I was so mad. I told my dad about it and my husband. My dad told me to call the supplier and demand an explanation and for them to change my bouquet. The bouquet was nothing like what I envisioned it. Yes, there was crystal embellishments, since I bought those and delivered it to Mang Boy myself and explained to him that I wanted those in my bouquet. But the flowers weren't that plenty. 15 pieces. I am a tall woman, so a 15 pc bouquet doesn't look proportionate on me, especially how they tied the roses together. 

Eventually, my husband called the supplier and scared them off, I guess. My husband and dad took care of the situation since they didn't want me to stress over it anymore. Luckily, we were staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel which was beside Robinsons Galleria. They went to Holland Tulips and asked the lady to fix the bouquet. She added a dozen more red roses and put some Angel's Breath and of course, removed the painted rose.

My dad delivered the bouquet to me. When I got it, I squealed and thanked him for saving my bouquet. My bridal bouquet was perfect. Just like how I envisioned it. Thanks to the hard work of my husband and dad. According to my husband, he was willing to shell out even a thousand bucks (I think that's how much the roses were from Holland Tulips or more), just as long as my bouquet turns out perfect.

I guess the moral lesson is to stick to your vision. I actually had a sample photo of what I wanted and gave it to the supplier, just to make sure they know what to do. Also, choose a supplier you can trust. I know, we wouldn't really know. But maybe just have a back up. A just-in-case scenario, just like mine. Remember, it's a once in a lifetime experience and the bridal bouquet is a crucial part of the wedding. It's in most of my photos. And when I look at our photos, I'm just so glad that the issue was resolved and I got my dream bridal bouquet.