His Wedding Accessories

Weddings are about two people becoming one in the eyes of God, families and friends. I love weddings and I loved our wedding. It was truly the happiest day of my life so far and I know that we were blessed that day.

Before the wedding, there was so many preparations to do and people to meet. My husband and I  first focused on the marriage requirements, and then started buying and fixing other needs, like the clothes, flowers and of course accessories- his and hers.

Grooms don't really wear a lot. And for my husband, he's very simple, clean cut, no nonsense. We knew he just needed a nice belt, good shoes and maybe a watch. So those were things we got.

Shoes- We bought his shoes at Rockport. We actually spent almost one whole day looking for his shoes. When I suggested Rockport, (I have a pair of Rockports too and I find it really comfortable.) we finally saw a nice clean and simple pair of leather shoes. Comfort is very important for my husband. And Rockport sure knows that.

Belt- He wasn't very particular with the brand of belt, since as he said, it doesn't really matter, it's just belt. So we went to SM after buying his shoes,n and saw this. I actually forgot the brand of the belt. But we liked it because it was automatic. It doesn't have clasps, moreover, it automatically locks when you pull it. Impressive. Since we don't really shop a lot, that was our first time to see that. Haha!

Watch- In Chinese traditions, it's the bride's family who gives a watch to the groom, while the groom's family gives the bride jewelries. Since we didn't have any party and didn't do the whole tradition anymore, my parents decided to give him a watch. My dad bought him an Omega watch. It was really sweet of him and the style of the watch was simple, so it was perfect for my husband.

Some grooms are funky and are more creative and open to more accessories. But my husband is really clean cut, so just the key essentials already worked for him. How about you? Is your partner open to wearing accessories?