Theme and Motif

I recently got married and even though it's almost been 2 months, I still feel quite giddy and overwhelmed when I think about it. I got the "Reverse Blogging" idea from Sarah Meier, who also got married this year. I figured this could actually help other couples in their wedding planning for I know how stressful it may be.

Let me talk about our theme and motif for my wedding. I have a very supportive husband and he let me pick out the theme of the wedding. Luckily we have the same taste, so it wasn't hard for us to choose a motif that would make us both happy.

Theme: I didn't really have a specific theme in mind. I simply wanted it to be romantic and elegant. I've always been a hopeless romantic and I've always imagined my wedding to be just that. I wanted people to feel loved, happy and for them not to easily forget about my wedding because of the "feel" and ambiance. I wanted everything to be elegant but not being too extravagant. The cake also was designed to match the romantic theme, so did the drapes in our ceiling, the lights which was pinkish and our backdrop with the twigs with candles.

Color: I initially wanted violet and turquoise. I thought it blended really well and since the wedding is in the afternoon and an evening reception. However, my husband didn't like that it was "too dark". So moving on... Since the theme was romantic elegance, we chose burgundy instead. It was a popular choice by a lot of couples, but I felt that it was just perfect for the theme I wanted. Nothing says romantic better than red, isn't it? I chose a deeper color of red, which is burgundy (a touch lighter that maroon), because I didn't want a Birthday Red color. After all, it is a wedding. Plus darker shades make ladies look sexier. ;p

Tad of surprise: Mr. H and I have always been dog lovers and since we both have Miniature Schnauzers and I was quite sad because I couldn't bring my dog to the wedding, we opted for Mini Schnauzer cake toppers. Mr. H and I were both really excited when our cake designer told us that she can make the cake toppers. Mr. H patiently explained, drew and discussed how a schnauzer looks like. We were so pleased when we saw the results. And our guests have been talking about it since then.

I also asked the caterer to put lots of candles and rose petals on the tables and on our dance floor. Roses was the main flower used, since I've always adored them.

Here's a snippet of the decor from the reception.

They say that brides or B2Bs are the ones in charge of the design, etc. But I disagree. I feel that it's best for the H2B to be equally involved in the planning process. Even though it's stressful, I still enjoyed the whole planning thing. I wanted Mr. H to enjoy the wedding too, so his opinions mattered also and took them into consideration and we made the decisions together. It's another stage of your life you wouldn't want to miss- Making these important decisions together. It's also a practice for your married life.