Lash Madness

I rarely wear false eyelashes, for reasons as follows:
1. I don't have time to put them on. If you don't regularly put falsies, it will take you a lot of time to put them on.
2. I think that for your everyday look, false eyelashes is not essential.
3. It feels quite heavy if you're not used to it.
4. I already have Winc Instant Lash Duo Mascara, I already get longer lashes. And it's so easy to take off. No sweat!

I'm very obsessed with eyelashes that I used to get my eyelashes permed at Let's Face It salon. I get eyelash perming after every 3 months. I though this was okay especially for the price (it used to be P250.00, but not it's P280.00) and you don't need any retouching after weeks or so. However, since I became very busy, I didn't have the luxury of getting my lashes permed. The whole session is around 2 hours!

For my wedding, I seriously considered getting eyelash extensions by I-Lash Salon. I've been lingering about the idea months before the wedding. I considered these things:
1. If I get eyelash extensions, I wouldn't need to put falsies anymore.
2. For I-Lash salon price, it was really reasonable and it would last you for about 2 weeks or so.
3. I cannot rub my eyes anymore, because the hair will fall apart.
4. I cannot wet the eye area as much as possible.
5. No to cleansing oils and eye makeup removers.

So after much thought, I've decided not to go through the eyelash extension procedure. Maybe next time. I thought that there were more cons than pros so I had to back out.

So in the end, for my wedding, my makeup artist and I decided to go with false eyelashes for the day. Since I'm obsessed with having gorgeous eyelashes on my wedding, I chose the longer and fancier falsies. I don't know the brand of the falsies, it's not branded I think. But I still liked it. It's long!!!!!!!! ;)

Here's a closer look:

I guess if there really is a special occassion, go ahead and treat your lashes with gorgeous and long lashes. But then again, for normal days, I think that sticking to curling and mascara woold do the trick. Eyelash extensions? I'll try it someday once I feel that it's not much of a hassle. :)