Pho Hoa

This is a very late post actually. 🙂 We ate at Pho Hoa, a Vietnamese restaurant months before. I used to go to Pho Hoa more frequently way before when they had a branch in Jupiter St., Makati. Anyways, let’s proceed.

Fried Spring Rolls:
It was okay. I like the other spring rolls better though. They’re mini spring rolls, a small serving.

My order, Glazed Chicken:
This was okay. It tastes like Chicken Teriyaki. But it was too sweet for my taste. (I like their Sizzling Beef with Rice better. [I forgot the exact name of the dish, but it’s beef on a sizzling plate. Hehe!])

V’s Prawns and Grilled Pork:
I wasn’t able to taste the prawns because I’m allergic, but the pork was okay. The prawns were disappointing, they were too small. The rice was just like mine, it was really yummy.

M’s Hot Beef Noodles:
(Sorry I forgot the exact name of the dish, but it was spicy, and it was beef noodles.) I think this was good. Pho Hoa is known for their noodles. Plus M looked like she loved it. She even put more hot sauce! Hahaha! Talk about a HOT dish. Haha!

With my dear dear friends, M and V. Love you girls!

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House
Paseo Center, Makati City

For other branches: