Proper Skin Care

I'm very lucky to have good skin, not much problems, just that I have combination skin, meaning my t-zone is oily and the rest of my face isn't, and the occasional pimples. I get this from my mum. She's got really nice skin as well, but as we get older, our skin becomes dry, my mum was no exception. So ever since I was younger she always kept telling me to take care of my skin.

I remember her telling me to put sunblock all the time to prevent dark spots and to moisturize to prevent wrinkles. I'd say I was a tad late since I started REALLY listening to her when I was already in college. I somehow didn't feel the need yet back when I was in highschool.

Now I've learned that proper skin care should really be taught early on. It's no joke once you see a dark spot on your face and knowing that it will never go away. There's nothing but regret. Huhu. :/

So for me, I make sure to follow a procedure just to maintain what I have now... good skin. I'll blog about the face care for now. It's quite long and rigorous but you've got to do what you've got to do, right?

AM Skin Care Routine:
Sunblock / SPF - I personally use Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream, since I have combination skin and I want it to stay matte the whole day or at least longer than if I don't use the day cream. It already has SPF15 and acts as a makeup base. So it's multi purpose!

Makeup - This really isn't needed by everyone. But when I do apply makeup, I try to, as much as I could, use makeup that lets my skin breathe. I use Dream Minerals Charlene Matte Foundation, Monave Hyeyeon Concealer Foundation, and now I discovered CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals. I use Creamy Natural.

PM Routine:
Cleanse / Remove Makeup - One thing I never do is to sleep without removing my makeup and cleaning my face. I never never would even try this! I use Skin Hour Deep Cleansing Oil. It removes makeup easily even the waterproof ones. I also like the Tea Tree ingredient, helping pimples dry faster. I sometimes use Pond's Cold Cream as an alternative.

Tone - Some don't tone their faces after cleansing, but I do. I don't feel totally clean if I don't tone. Paranoid much? Or just OC? Haha! But as I tone my face, I still see some dirt and residue so I feel that it's just right to tone to be sure that your face is already really clean. I use Skin Hour Firming & Clarifying Toner. I sometimes also use Clean & Clear Oil Controlling Toner. I've tried other brands, but these two works best for me. The other brands I've tried, I got red patches on my face.

Moisturize - As I said earlier, as we get older, our skin become dry. So I realized I have to at least try and prevent that from happening. And make sure to hydrate my skin. I use Skin Hour Moisturizing Night Cream.

Cover Dark Circles - The eye area is the most sensitive area and most dry, so moisturizing it is key to prevent and lessen sight of wrinkles and also brighten it plus reducing puffiness, I use Skin Hour Revitaleyes. That's the only eye treatment I use. But there are other eye creams available in the market.

Basically, these are the steps I follow. How about you?