My dad was craving for steak last Sunday, so we initially planned to go to Racks. But the rain was pouring really hard so my mum suggested we eat in a mall so we won't have a hard time parking.

We ended up eating at Myron's in Powerplant.

There were so many people at Powerplant that day and we had to wait for our turn to be seated.

Here is the menu. The photo is a little small. My sister took most of the photos. But for most photos, I had to edit the colors since the place had dim light and the photos turned out quite dark. Had to adjust the brightness and contrast.

We ordered a lot. So without further ado,

Cream of Pumpkin Soup (P100)
This is very very yummy! I love the thickness and the texture of the soup. It really was delicious. It's a must try if you're dining in Myron's.

Mussels Mariniere (P200)
We ordered two bowls of this. It was good, but the soup was a little bit salty for my taste. And the mussels were small. :( I don't know if it's worth it, since I don't really know how much mussels cost.

Penne with Spicy Chorizo and Mushroom (P270)
I ordered this thinking it would be yummy. I love love love penne and red sauce. However, I was really disappointed. It was a sweet kind of pasta (Pinoy style but not Spagetchup :p). I really like Italian pasta where the sauce is a little bit in the sour side. I didn't also find a lot of chorizo. Not good.

On to our steak...
US Angus Pepper Steak 6 oz with sidings (P450)
Side of Rice

Side of Baked Potato

Side of Fries
Side of Mashed Potato
First of all, I ordered the one with mashed potato and I loved the mashed potato. It was uber delicious. But!!!!! The steak was too peppery. My sisters couldn't even eat it because it was too spicy for them, so they had to remove all the pepper before diving in. At first, it was just okay for me, but eventually, I really didn't like it anymore. The steak was tender enough although it was dry. There was too much pepper, way too much pepper, we can't taste the steak anymore. :( Bad bad bad order!

Duet of US Angus Steak and Grilled Prawns (P500)
This was the order of my mum. I got to try it, I liked the bacon part, and the steak wasn't as peppery as ours. But I think it's still not worth the price. I wasn't able to try the prawns since I'm allergic to them. Mum said we should have eaten at Everything at Steak. Haha! So I guess it means she didn't like her meal either.

Overall, the ambiance was okay. It was cozy, great for dates. But the customer service sucks big time. Right after my mum occupied one table, a waiter came up to us and asked her to stand up as he checks if we were supposed to sit there. We kept telling him the waitress outside asked us to enter and occupy the table, but he insisted we should wait for further instructions. THE NERVE!!! And as we ordered and asked for spoons/water/etc., they were not very pleased to be serving us, which we find quite annyoying. Never should they treat customers that way, whoever they are. Plus, the food wasn't anything spectacular. With that amount of money, it wasn't worth it. I am definitely not going back.