Sharing one of my client's pictures during a wedding. She had long hair but her hair was very thin. She asked for an updo since she felt that she was having a bad hair day. I wanted to raise her confidence by giving her the it-girl package, so after doing her makeup, I proceeded with her updo.
Here is the final result. Very sleek, very classy and it keeps all her hair in place so she doesn't need to move it from her face.

Tips: For this look, I used a lot of hairspray, because she had layered hair. I also used a lot of hairpins to secure all the loose ends and to make it clean. For the bun, I used 1 hairnet to keep the hair in place. To add volume to her thin hair, I puffed it by teasing/backcombingb the hair before putting the hairnet. :)


  1. wow! you do hair too?! very nice!

  2. wow....that's a great looking updo!!! way to go!

  3. great updo! :) great stuff char. :)

  4. wow nice yung dress nia, and i love the updo :) pretty looking bride :) great job!

  5. Pretty!!!! I love chic hairstyle. I'm gonna attempt this. Crossing my fingers that it'll turn out alright.

  6. - Stilettos to Sweets -September 8, 2008 at 11:39 AM

    Sab: Yes I do hair also. :)

    Nikki, Alyssa & Shen: Thanks thanks! :)

    Miemie: Thanks dear! Yup nice nice. Gold yung theme. :)

    Cynthia: Thanks! For sure you can do it too. :)