My Baby Boo

I think it’s time for me to introduce everyone to my baby…
He is so cute, very very sweet, furry, very mabait and protective. His name is Boo, my Miniature Schnauzer.
Boo was given to me by H as a birthday gift three years ago. He’s the son of H’s Chi and the brother of Hans. You might recognize Hans from all his tv guestings and his dog shows. 🙂
I’ve always liked dogs, and before Boo, we already have Poochi. I’ll introduce him next time. When Chi gave birth, I really asked for a pup from H. Thankfully, he gave me Boo. He said, then I can try taking care of someone. Mother in the making perhaps?!?
Boo is really really sweet. Eveyone in the house says so. Even my dad who doesn’t like dogs, love him. He sits beside you and sometimes he takes your hand and lets him touch you. What I love most is when he sees me upset or mad, he comes and sits beside me, quietly he waits for me to look at his beautiful meaningful eyes and he takes my hand.
The photos here were taken during the calendar pictorial for the Miniature Schnauzer Club of the Philippines. Boo was so behave that the photographer didn’t have a hard time making him pose. Thus, his photos were used for Pooch Park’s banner and flyers. 🙂 That’s my Boo!
He is three years old this year and even though he already has sons and daughters of his own (two litters), he is still our baby, he is still MY baby.

With his brother Hans. Boo is on the left.

I LOVE BABY BOO! Though we rarely spend time together anymore because of my busy schedule, please know that I will always always love you and I miss you all the time. Now I can’t wait to go home and see him!!!