Wensha Spa with my girls!

I haven't had the time to blog about my new spa experiences, I'm so behind! I have had about 3 massages and haven't posted them yet. Been so busy lately. :(

Anyways, for my kabarkada's birthday (Shout out to Cee!), we decided to treat her to a spa day! Gen has suggested we try Wensha Spa near the World Trade Center. So let's start with the photos!

(Note: The photos are from Anton of Ourawesomeplanet. I wasn't able to take photos during out stay. I've read Anton's review about it last year and have always wanted to visit it.)

Here is Wensha outside.

This is the locker room and the wet floor is here too.

This is the hallway. You'll see some tables for dining as well.

Now here goes the experience! The massages are for P580 inclusive of 8 hour accomodation and buffet. We'll get to the buffet part later. :) At first, I was hesitant with the price but considering we get to use the wet floor and there's food invloved, I thought maybe it's not so bad. So why not give it a try.

We were handed our robes and went to the common room for our foot massage. Yes, we only got foot massages and gave Cee a foot massage and mani-pedi package. I don't really like common rooms just because I'd rather have my private time for myself. I've only been in three common rooms to this date. Moving on, the chairs were okay, there were televisions and headphones each chair, which was pretty high-tech I must say. The therapists were men and female. And I don't know if you should request a female therapist if you're not comfortable with a male. It was my first time to have a male therapist since I didn't know we had to request. (It wasn't so bad, he was strong and I didn't have to ask him to make the pressure harder again and again.) It was my first time to have a male therapist. I would guess O wouldn't be comfortable with it, but then again we love going to massages that I'm not sure if he'd still mind.

The massage was good. It was a combination of head, back and foot massage. I love that my therapist was really strong and I almost dozed off. Well almost... my friends continuously talked and talked that I wasn't able to sleep. It was okay though. I had fun with my friends. :)

After our hour-long massages, we headed to the dining area. Honestly, when Gen and Diana reminded me that there was buffet, I thought there will be a variety of food and we can eat as much as we want. Unfortunately, there was only shabu shabu. You get to choose what ingredients to put, but that was it. No rice, no pasta, nada, zilch. Although you still get to eat as much shabu shabu as you want. It was okay, it's still food.

I think I enjoyed this experience not just because of the good massage, or the so-so food, but because I was with my barkada whom I love talking to. We actually stayed there for about 6 hours. We honestly couldn't believe it was almost 10pm! We chitchatted the night away. Haha!

Will I return? Maybe... I might bring O there, let him try. But I want to make sure there's more food and not just shabu shabu before going there. And well, honestly, this type of spa, it's better to bring your girls. :)

Wensha Spa
in front of World Trade Center,
Gil Puyat St.