Big School, Here We Come!

Last December, the twins had their school assessment for year 2024-2025. I have been looking forward to that day because I really want the twins to go to Robyn's school. Let's face it, it's just more convenient isn't it? Also, I do like the school. I like the values that they teach the kids, the friendly teachers and staff, just the overall vibe of the school. 

When I applied for the upcoming school year, I already told their current teachers. I told them how difficult it is to get in since there are only a limited slots available per batch. I mentioned to the teachers that I wanted to make sure that even Nia, could get in. They all said that they're very confident that both Niko and Nia will get in.

So fast forward to December, the day of their assessment, we kept reminding the twins that they should talk to teacher, answer their questions and just follow the instructions. It was a "whole thing". When teachers got them individually, I couldn't help but tear up. It was so embarrassing. Haha! But if you know and have followed Nia's journey, you would know that this was a dream. This was something that we prayed would happen. So when I saw her with the teacher, I got both nervous and happy- that finally she's given an opportunity to study in a regular school.

Right after the assessment, I tried to ask both kids what happened, what the teachers asked etc. Niko was more open and remembered more than Nia. He said he enjoyed drawing the family because teacher asked him to. He said they basically just played. He was actually very happy when he came back to us.

After the assessment and interview, we were told that results will be out by March. I was honestly sad that we have to wait that long. So imagine how surprised and anxious I was when I saw an email on the last day of January. Before opening it, I wasn't sure if the email was for Robyn, an acceptance or a reject letter for Niko or for Nia.

Lo and behold, it was an acceptance letter for my "child". CHILD? Which child? My fingers started shaking, I was so nervous. Did only one of the twins get in? Which one? So I checked the school website; fortunately, the list of passers were posted. I scanned for their batch and saw both Niko and Nia's names!!!!

I was so happy I cried! Both Niko and Nia came to me and asked why I was crying. Haha! I was relieved that we finally got the results. And of course so amazingly proud of my babies. They truly worked hard to get in! They kept saying that they want to go to Achi's school, and now they will. 

So now I can finally breathe and just relax for a bit. All my kids have school! Yey! The twins are so excited that they thought they're already starting in their new school. I had to tell them to hold their horses as they still have to finish their level in their current school. Haha!

Of course I'm so thankful that both Niko and Nia got in! So so happy. But because of Nia's condition, I will always be extra grateful for her milestones. I consider these-little miracles.

look at the stars, look how they shine for you
and all the things that you do

and it was all yellow...

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