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I am a sucker for easy skin care. I know that I'm already on my mid-30s era, but hey, I'm a very busy woman. I honestly don't have time on my plate to practice a 10 step skin care routine every single day. And well, simple skin care has always worked for me.

In comes a new local brand in the market, Fresh Theory. They are a local skincare and beauty brand, that uses safe, non-toxic ingredients in their products. It was also very timely that I learned about the brand because my daughter who is now 10 years old, have started her skincare journey. I am very particular with the products she is using, because for me, 10 is still very young. I don't want her to use products that have harsh and harmful chemicals that may irritate her skin or cause any clogging to her young skin. Fresh Theory products are paraben, fragrance and alcohol free, making it the best option for a her fresh skin.

hello, glass skin! starter kit P1,399.00

Let's dive in to the hello, glass skin! line, which is the first line of Fresh Theory. The line is formulated for all skin types. The active ingredients used are glycolic acid, cucumber extract, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and beta glucan. 

hello, glass skin! good AM routine P719.00

hello, glass skin! good PM routine P1,029.00

Now let me share with you how I use them.

hello, glass skin! foam wash P349.00

I use the foam wash in the morning. It's a  mild foam cleanser enriched with AHA and botanical antioxidants. It also has glycolic acid which helps lighten dark spots and blemishes. So it's perfect for ones that are trying to combat pimples and acne. and cucumber extract to soothe and hydrate skin. It's super mild and gentle on the skin and it foams up and lathers well making is super easy to use.

hey, sunshine! sunscreen P399.00

I have always been a fan of sunblocks/sunscreen. Ever since I could remember, that is one of the advises my mom gave to me. Do not forget sun protection. I like that this one is non-greasy and has SPF 50 PA+++ UVA/UVB. It is formulated with niacinamide to protect our skin from sun damage and beta glucan to prevent cell damage when we are exposed to the sun. It still has that "sunblock" scent but it's not overpowering, and it goes away pretty quickly. It has a decent "weight" to it, but I noticed that it's not very heavy on the skin. After it sets, I put on my makeup just like normal.

For night time:

hello, glass skin! cleansing bar P249.00

I have a little bit more time in the evenings, so I try to enjoy my baths more. I use the cleansing bar after removing my makeup (if I have any). It has glycolic acid which helps lighten dark spots and blemishes and is infused with cucumber extract which soothes and hydrates skin. 

There's a very mild exfoliation because of the glycolic acid. But honestly, I don't notice any redness or sensitivity to my skin. I also like this cleansing bar because I feel like it's more "matipid" to use. It's honestly a huge bar so it will last you a long time, especially if you know how to use it properly.

hello, glass skin! facial toner ₱349.00

This is one of my most favorites from the brand. It's an alcohol-free toner and hydrator in 1. I sometimes use it as a face mist. This product also has glycolic acid and it is also enriched with AHA and cucumber extract that helps reduces fine lines and wrinkles. One major player is witch hazel. A toner ingredient I've heard of before as it tightens pores and fights acne without any harsh effects on the skin.

What makes the facial toner special is that there is no alcohol, parabens and fragrance. I've used a bunch of toners and some actually stings the skin because of the alcohol in it. So if you're new to skin care or you want a more natural or a gentler product to use, this is definitely it!

hello, glass skin! moisturizer P459.00

As I age, I've really saw the difference of my skin. Age really does dry your skin, so moisturizing has become a priority. And this moisturizer did not disappoint! It contains niacinamide, beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract. Niacinamide is known to brighten and even out skin tone. Beta-glucan richly hydrates and boosts skin barrier and skin immunity. 

I like having a light moisturizer and a thicker consistency moisturizer on days I feel like my skin needs more nourishment. I tend to pick the hello, glass skin! moisturizer on a nightly basis because it gets absorbed by the skin immediately. It's the perfect consistency for our humid weather. (I sometimes use it as a daytime moisturizer too.) 

Here's how my skin looks with minimal makeup. Good skincare really speeds things up when you need to doll up. I don't use foundation, even powder foundations because I know my skin is in great shape. Just a simple concealing and color and off I go. My makeup also looks good because my skin is hydrated and I like to keep that way.

I've been using the hello! glass skin line for a month or so now and my skin is thanking me for it. Whether I put makeup on or I go bare face, I'm more confident that my skin doesn't look patchy and dull. I also like the fact that I can leave the products on my vanity and let my daughter, Robyn, use it too. We can share the products as I know that they are natural with no sulfates and parabens and dermatologist formulated for sensitive skin.

Fresh Theory

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