Cochlear Nucleus 7 Hearing Processor Kit

I didn't realize I haven't posted this yet and since June marks Nia's 2nd hearing anniversary (her cochlear implant was switched on last June 2, 2021. I thought it's timely to post about this now. When she was implanted, we had to choose a hearing processor that she will wear and at that time, the latest model was Cochlear Nuchleus 7. It was the smallest and lightest behind-the-ear hearing solution, combining proven hearing performance with built-in connectivity featuring direct streaming with a compatible Apple and Android device without attaching anything to the sound processor. (As I post this, there's already Nuchleus 8 available in the market.)

Here is the kit that was given to us together with the N7 unit:

First was this tablet. It was so high tech.

It was an introduction to Nuchleus 7. It also serves as a manual. I also liked that there were testimonials from recipients. I remember being so moved hearing their stories.

There were also very helpful tips when using the N7 device. It was really informative and helpful espcecially for parents with small kids like mine.

Here are the contents of the kit itself:

These are the chargers, remote control, coil cable and the hearing processor itself.

The next layer houses chargers, disposable batteries and other accessories.

These are parts of the N7. We had to go to the office of Gruppo so they could teach us how to assemble Nia's N7. So I brought the whole kit for them to assemble it altogether.

These are accessories/parts that we will eventually need to repurchase and replace as she gets older.

Along with the parts, a drying kit is also included. This is very important because her processors have to remain dry at all times so they will be in their tiptop shape.

We need to put Nia's hearing processors in this Breeze dry and store kit every night before we sleep. It runs for 8 hour or so, and in the morning, it's ready for her to wear. I also put her hearing aid here to dry it as well. I just make sure to remove the battery and keep the aid away from N7's magnet.

This is the power button and it lights up when being used. We know that it's ready when there is no light anymore.

Inside the dryer, we need to put a drying brick. This serves as a dehumidifier and absorbs all the moisture from her processors. We also repurchase this as we need to change it every 2-3 months.

Another kind of dehumidifier is Cedis tabs. This is recommended for hearing aids though, and not cochlear hearing processors.

Adapters are included. Very useful especially for travels.

Another useful accessory for students especially is the Wireless Mini Microphone 2. I have already used this a handful of times when we are out and it's a noisy environment.

I will probably also give this to Nia's teachers so Nia can hear them better. They can just clip it onto their shirt and it acts as a wireless mic connected to Nia's N7.

Lastly is the carrying case.

I put all of the important accessories and parts in here. And this is what I bring with me when we travel. It's a hard case so I know that what I put inside will be kept safe.

Nia's journey is still ongoing even after her surgery. Therapies, repurchase of accessories and parts, mapping and adjustments, check ups, etc. It can get costly, so H and I try to work hard. It's for Nia and her siblings. We will do what it takes to care for them. We know that we are chosen to be their parents, to look after them. And with everything, I know that God listens and He will provide, as he always has.

and it was all yellow...

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