Pixi Eye Define Waterline Review

When I wear full makeup, that always always includes eyeliner. It truly defines the eyes and make the look more dramatic. 

Tightlining is something I really recommend when a person wears eyeliner. It really makes a difference. It gives subtle definition to the lashes. And since I prefer a gel or liquid eyeliner, I always have a separate pencil to tightline or apply to my waterline.

One of my most favorites is the Pixi Eye Define Waterline in Tightline Black. It's retractable, no need to sharpen. It also glides smoothly which is so important because it may be uncomfortable at first if you're not used to tightlining, But this has no tugging and applies like a dream.

Why I love it? It is honestly black, it gives intense color with just one swipe. It also doesn't move and smudge so there is no racoon eyes. It is waterproof and stays put the entire day.

It is also safe for sensitive eyes. The formula is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It is Ophthalmologically tested and is paraben free.

When I wear false eyelashes, it really makes a huge difference when I tightline or I don't. It just looks more polished when I do.

See how it instantly made my eyes larger and makes the whites of my eyes appear a tad whiter too. 

See the difference? Highly recommended! :) If you're just starting, check this product out and as always, practice practice practice!

and it was all yellow...

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