Throwback to Halloween 2022

Oh 2022, I thank you. Today is January 2, 2023 and I can't help but think about the past year. There was a lot of experiences, milestones and improvements that my family and I experienced. And I am just so grateful for 2022, and looking for more happiness, success and continuous good health and safety for this year.

As I look back on the past year, one new thing that my family did was Halloween. We don't really "celebrate" Halloween but we did go to a small Halloween party this year for the kids. It was a last minute thing so we didn't really prepare for it that much. Yet, I have to pat myself on the back for pulling their makeup and costumes off. :)

All of my children's outfits were hand me downs. Yes! And their Halloween buckets? DIY! Never in my wildest dreams would I think of myself as a DIY artsy fartsy mom, so this is truly a step up for me. I used their sand buckets, wrapped it with orange paper where I printed a Halloween pumpkin face. Et voila, no need to buy anymore. Let me showcase each of their looks.


Robyn's outfit, believe it or not, is my youngest sister's costume back when she was probably the same age as Ro now. Hehe! Thankful that they kept this costume, so we're still able to use it till now. According to Li, my sister, last time she wore this was for her high school graduation as her "costume" look pictorial.


I didn't want to put a lot of makeup on her because I still asked my kids to wear their face masks and I knew that their faces will be covered so I felt like putting tons of makeup isn't necessary. I also didn't get to buy tons of face makeup or jewels so I just used what I had.

I juts googled some images and drew some lines and dots on Ro's face. I also put some jewels just for added sparkle. For her eyes, I used a burgundy eyeshadow to put some color and make it pop.


Niko's costume was actually Robyn's back when she was about 2 1/2 yrs old. We had to buy her a skeleton costume for her school presentation. So we've had this for over 7 years already and I'm so glad it looked cute on Niko.

Skeleton Boy

For his makeup, I let my husband do it. Good thing I had white lipstick! That's what we used for his face makeup. Then H used black eyeshadow and eye liner for the black parts of his face. We really wanted him to look more of a boyish skeleton rather than what we did for Robyn before, when we painted her face with flowers. Haha!

I gotta say, my husband did a great job with Niko's makeup. He said he didn't paint Niko's eyes black anymore because it was cuter to see Niko's eyes anyways. And I totally agree. 


I initially was going to let Nia wear a cute seahorse costume that we have (it was also for Robyn's school presentation.) But alas, she saw this other choice and didn't want to remove it anymore! This was Ro's old dress that she also wore for another Halloween event for school. My sister in law gifted us with this "butterfly wings set" and I just decided to pair it with the dress. The wings set also came with a wand and a headband. I didn't let Nia wear the headband anymore because o her hearing devices.


Putting makeup on Nia was a bit of a struggle. As I've mentioned time and time again, Nia is very scared of anything new and unknown to her. So a brush near her, or on her face, meant nerves everywhere. I had to show her that I've put makeup on Achi already, and H was also putting makeup on Niko, just so she will let me put makeup on her. 

I made sure to put very simple makeup on her because she wasn't comfortable and just put some face jewels since she's already used to playing with stickers anyway. I also kept it minimal because I wanted people to see her pretty face.

Watch the short clips of the event here.

The event was very simple. The kids just played some games, watched the contest and take some more photos. Unfortunately, they weren't able to go trick or treating because of some miscommunication. I would have wanted them to experience that, maybe next time.

I'm so thankful that my mom and sister dropped by to see the kids' looks and to take photos. I was so busy dressing them up, fixing their makeup, that I didn't have much time to take photos or videos. So most of the photos were taken by them. :) 

I think overall it was a successful first Halloween especially for the twins. Let's see if there'll be more to come next time and what looks will come up with again.

Thanks for reading!

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