DIY Pre-Bday Photo Shoot At Home for Niko and Nia

Here's our DIY Pre-Bday photo shoot for Niko and Nia. It was a team effort as we made all the layouts ourselves. My sister helped me design the setups and we were able to shoot 4 different layouts all in the comfort and safety of our own home. It was quite a day so let me show you some of the outputs.

The photos were taken by Oh Shoot Studios PH. Because it's still the pandemic, it was more convenient to do the shoot at home. Ms. Mavs of Oh Shoot Studios PH visited the house the day of the shoot.

When I discussed with Ms. Mavs, I told her about the 4 layouts I was hoping to do. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to do everything, because obviously the twins will be restless.

First layout was our Family Christmas Shoot. I've always dreamt of having family Christmas shoots. See, I print family photos to put in our Christmas tree. This year is definitely more special because we're complete, us 5. 

Few weeks before the shoot, I already prepared all our clothes- the clothes we will be using for each layout. It was tricky because my babies, especially Niko, don't have much clothes. I obviously can't bring them out to buy and fit clothes. Nia has her Achi's clothes, but Niko, that's a different story. Good thing my friends handed down some clothes for him. And we just ordered some clothes online.

The babies were obviously still shy, didn't want to smile. Robyn, on the other hand, was more "game".

Next layout was Nautical Bare Bears. My sister also made paper boats as decoration for this layout. She even taught Robyn how to make so Achi also helped make so it became an even more special activity.

Little trivia, we used Robyn's bed frame as their raft.

So tricky to put on Nia's headband. It's been months since she wore one, so we had a difficult time convincing her to wear for the shoot.

Here's the We Bare Bears stuffed toys that I purchased online for their birthday.

Third layout was the Camper layout. By this time, Niko was already cranky. He hasn't taken a nap the entire afternoon. I tried, I did. However, he really didn't want to. And of course, when we started the photo shoot, it was continuous. 

Also purchased this board online. We found this nice saying, perfect for my little babies.

Took a few more family photos during this layout. But seriously the babies were not having it anymore. Haha!

So bahala sila, here's the "Original" family instead. Haha!

So while changing outfits and preparing for the next layout, Ms. Mavs took more photos of my eldest, Robyn. And I loved all her photos! My baby is now a lady!

For the final layout, I call this the Little Miss and Mister. It was a play on the fact that I have boy girl twins. This was probably the hardest to find outfits because it was very specific. But I'm so glad we pulled it off.

Niko was not happy anymore during this layout. It's been hours since his supposed nap time. It was so difficult to choose photos because he really was so cranky, so we ended up redoing the shoot and just DIYing it ourselves. So some photos from this layout were taken by yours truly.

I purchased  the name banners, tassels and the 1 balloon. We were going to use it for their birthday celebration and decided to also use them for this layout.

Still feeling lucky that I got boy girl twins. It was such a huge surprise that I was pregnant with twins, and to have both genders was an added blessing for sure.

It's so surreal that my babies are already 1. I still remember, during the days that I was just plain exhausted and dead tired caring for the two, how I would pray for the time that they turn 1. And now, here we are. :)

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