Delivery and Birth of My Twin Babies, Nikolai and Nicola

 First photo of the twins at home.

I posted this video in time for Mother’s Day! I hope you got to see it. If you didn’t, well here it is. 🙂 As you may probably know already, I have finally given birth last December 27, 2019 to my beautiful babies, Niko and Nia. Here’s my story time video talking about how the delivery went, all the problems we encountered and how this birth was totally different from my previous one with Robyn.

Looking back at how the delivery went, I can honestly say it took me by surprise. I guess I didn’t prepare myself as much as I thought I have. It was a different ball game this time around, with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. But I still thank God everyday for these two cuties and for His gift of family.

It’s been months since I gave birth, but it still amazes me that I am now a mother of 3. We usually joke around and say that our family grew so instantly. From a “small” family to a “big” family as Robyn calls it.

Motherhood. With everything that has happened and everything we are experiencing now, it has really tested my strength and patience. It’s a learning experience, in my opinion. I learn so many things about myself everyday because of my kids.

There’s so many stories I have yet to share. Hopefully once I get things situated, I can share those with you soon. For now, follow me on Instagram as I post a lot of photos and videos of my three chikitings.