What's In My Babies' Hospital Bag - Twin Edition

I’ve watched a lot of videos of What’s In Our Hospital Bag videos before giving birth even though I have already given birth before. It’s somehow therapeutic and also still very educational for me. So I thought I’d make one for the twins. It’s quite special because I’m actually preparing a bag for 2 babies. Well plus mine and my husband and another for our miscellaneous things.

So here’s what I prepared and brought with us to the hospital. I prepared a lot and honestly, we didn’t really get to use all of them. But I wanted to prepare extras because we live quite far from the hospital and I wanted everything with me already.

I knew I wouldn’t be using some of the things we brought but really, who would want to brave the traffic just to get one extra shirt right? Anyway, we ended up using probably half of the things that I brought for the twins. But used a lot of the things or almost all of the things I brought for me and my husband and from our miscellaneous bag.

Yes we brought a miscellaneous bag. What’s inside you ask? Since I didn’t touch on that in the video. Basically, things that we needed for the room. I brought an electric kettle to heat our water, thermos to store my Ge Lai tea, blanket for the hubs, two pillows (because I find it more comfortable if we use our own pillows), my Snug a Hug pillow (to also serve as breastfeeding pillow), some extension cords, an airbed and pump for our helper, cutlery and dish soap, some snacks for the family and also for us and water.

If you noticed, I tried to be organize also, labeling each ziploc bag per day and also writing down whatever was inside. This is such a handy trick especially if you have a companion in the room. I was going to get a Cesarean section so I knew I’d be lying on the bed for a few days and won’t be able to get up and get whatever was needed, so I had to rely on the husband and it will be very confusing and time consuming if he would have to go through all of the things looking for something, and so labeling each one and putting them together per day was very helpful.

It was also good that we brought extras because we ended up using a lot of those too. So we actually had to get one of those trolleys for all of our things. I think we brought 3 luggages and 2 ecobags + our pillows. Haha! It looked like we were going to check in in a hotel. Haha! But it was all good.

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