Cetaphil Mommy Dialogues

In just a few weeks, I will be meeting my twins. Honestly, there’s still a part of me that find it amusing. On top of that, the fact last time that I gave birth was almost 7 years ago, I find myself scratching my head, trying to remember everything we did back then/

So it was very timely that Cetaphil Baby launched their newest campaign called Mommy Dialogues, where moms basically help other moms with their stories about their kids, how to provide them with healthy food, a fun playtime proper good night’s sleep and healthy skin.

During the event, they invited pedia-derma, Dr. Rescober, who is also a mom, to talk about baby’s skin. As we all know, babies have delicate skin so it’s very important for us to use the right products that will give their skin the healthy start it deserves.

Here’s a slide discussing the difference of an adult and baby’s skin.

It simply shows that we really can’t use adult’s product for our babies because they have different skin type and different needs from us. By using wrong products, it will prevent a good skin barrier for the babies and in turn may cause itch, increased penetration of irritants and microbes and also allergen exposure and may also cause persistent dry skin.

Some key ingredients to look out for when buying skin care for our babies are Panthenol, Glycerin, Tocopherol and Emollient such as sunflower seed oil to enhance the skin barrier and maintain it.

I truly enjoyed learning more about babies’ skin since I have a 6 year old and will be dealing with newborns soon. It’s a good refresher for me.

Cetaphil Baby also invited some celebrity moms to share some tips and stories.

Here’s Andi Manzano-Reyes with her eldest daughter Olivia.

One tip that I chose is to take it easy and give yourself a break. Being a mom is a crazy job and sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves. Well, breathe in and out. It’s okay not to be perfect all the time.

It was also good to her from Frances Ang who also has a set of twins. She emphasized that being healthy also means being mentally and emotionally healthy, and not just physical.

Cetaphil Baby is a healthy line that baby skin deserves as it gives your baby’s sensitive skin the gentle care it needs to stay healthy.

Cetaphil has created a line specifically for babies to target their most sensitive and delicate needs.

Here are some Cetaphil staples that I’ve tried myself.

Moisturizing Lotion, Ultra Gentle Body Wash and Gentle Skin Cleanser

And the star of the show is Cetaphil Baby.

Gentle Cleansing Bar, Daily Lotion, Moisturizing Bath and Wash, Gentle Wash and Shampoo, Shampoo

Gentle Cleansing Bar contains Glycerin- it has anti-irritant properties; protecting damaged skin against irritants. Glycerin has anti bacterial effects and may help protect toddler’s skin against irritation.

Daily Lotion contains natural ingredients such as Shea Butter that deeply moisturizes baby’s delicate skin.

Moisturizing Bath and Wash contains Aloe Vera that soothes even the most sensitive skin. It also contains 1/3 baby lotion to keep baby;s skin moisturized.

Gentle Wash and Shampoo has gentle surfactants that cleanses hair and scalp without irritating the eyes. It also has Panthenol that nourishes and strengthens baby’s skin barrier.

Shampoo contains gentle ingredients such as Chamomile extract that aids in normalization of healthy pH for scalp.

Thank you Cetaphil for creating a venue for moms to share their stories and tips. At the end of the day, every mom’s goal is to give their children the best and healthy start i life. So learning from other mom’s styles is always a great plus to find our own parenting style.