20 Weeks TWIN Pregnancy Update (Second Pregnancy)

Yes! I am so happy to share with you the big reveal. I am having twins! Of course if you follow me on Instagram and if you are subscribed to my channel, you already know this. 🙂

I am pregnant with TWINS!!! You know, until now it’s still so unbelievable. God is really generous. We are beyond thrilled, excited and overjoyed. It’s truly such a blessing and we are thankful every single day. 🙂

At this point, I already bought a few maternity things for myself, because they were really inexpensive. Good thing I did too because now that I’m further along, they’re the most comfortable ones to wear.

This video was taken August 31, 2019. I was 20 weeks and 6 days pregnant based on my LMP.

I also want to apologize for the lack of blog posts. Honestly, I’ve just been so busy nesting. Filming the videos such as my pregnancy updates- I just found a little easier than blogging. At least for now though. I’m on my last stretch, less than a month to go, but I for sure, will update my blog as soon as time and my energy permits me.

I can’t wait to share more! 😀