Collapsible Food Containers

I have been researching about different ways I can use less plastic. Let me know if you’d want me to make a collective hacks post or video to talk more about everything that I use and have so far. It just makes me feel good knowing that I’m not adding unnecessary waste to our environment. One little small deed makes a difference!

On normal days, we bring food to work and school. So I have a whole bag full of reusable items such as our lunch container (we use Bubee), spoon and fork and even our water bottles. But when we go out, say to a mall, there are times we have left overs or we like to buy some snacks. Normally, those left overs will be placed in styros or aluminum foils and plastic. And the snacks, in their own plastic bags. I didn’t want to bring our usual food containers because they’re bulky and take up so much space in my bag. That’s why I decided to pick up these Collapsible Food Containers from Right & Bright.

Was just surprised though that they were sent individually wrapped in plastic. Not a biggie though, as I could still reuse those plastic bags, but I was just surprised given that the sellers are Zero Waste advocates.

I bought this whole set for P600. They were the cheapest ones that I could find. I wanted to a get an entire set so I could choose from the sizes, whichever I needed.

I really like how colorful these are. They are also quite durable. I’ve used them multiple times already for different food items, from popcorn to pretzels to pasta and left over meat. They were fine.

It’s important to lock the lid properly so that any liquid will be trapped inside and you won’t have to worry about spills.

The reason why I like collapsible things is how compact it is to pack when unused. See, I have the usual “mommy bag”; you know those big and HEAVY bags that contain my own stuff, Robyn’s things, our water bottles, wipes, etc. So you can just imagine how heavy and crowded my bag can get. So having a collapsed food container helps because it can fit easily inside my already overfilled bag.

The only concern with this is, because it’s made of food grade silicon, it’s still very soft and limber so sometimes when it’s inside my bag and there’s already food inside, the body tends to bend and gets deformed. Luckily, I’ve never had problems with leaking. But I’ve used this for cakes and because the body got squished and deformed, the cake got all smooshed up inside.

It’s also important to make sure not to use anything sharp around the containers. No knives, scissors and I try to use my fork very lightly when eating out of my silicone containers; to prevent any damage.

Overall, this has been a great addition to my Minimizing Waste stash. I would normally use this for snacks for Robyn. She usually asks to buy whatever snack in the mall, and I just ask to have it placed inside my container. I also use this for leftovers and take aways.

So if you’re also looking into reducing use of plastic and even styro, but don’t want to bring your bulky reusable containers, you might want to give these collapsible food containers a try.