Magnolia Ice Cream is Creamier and Tastier!

I receive a huge box from Magnolia just in time for Christmas. And inside, there were 4 tubs of ice cream, perfect for parties. We all know that parties are never complete without dessert. And one of the most well loved dessert in Ice Cream.

I gotta let you know, I did have my cheat month last December and really let myself eat whatever I want- that includes dessert and sweets. Hehe!

Magnolia is such a household name. And this year, we enjoy Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines Ice Cream collection is made creamier and tastier with Carabao’s Milk.

There are so many flavors to choose from. And the collection is perfect for us because it’s got our Pinoy fair. Here are the three flavors my family indulged in. Or shall I say, indulging- we still have some at home!

My top 2 favorite flavors are the Tablea Yema, because chocolate! And Taro White Cheese, because it’s unique and it’s cheese! So delish!!! Robyn, on the other hand, loved the Mango Dark Chocolate. Perhaps because she really loves mangoes and add some chocolate to the mix, well… perfect treat!

We don’t need any special occasion to give ourselves some treat right? It’s a perfect family bonding too! Any day can be a party especially with a Magnolia ice cream tub! 😀



Magnolia Ice Cream PH