KPalette Real Strong Eyeliner Review

I have been raving about KPalette liners ever since they came to the Philippine market. It’s my HG eyeliner brand and I can’t believe they keep improving their formulation ever so often. Truly, the product itself is already one of the best in the market but of course, upgrades and improvements are always welcome! And so, during the latter part of 2018, they launched the Real Strong Waterproof Eyeliner!

As compared to the previous eyeliners, the packaging of the Real Strong Eyeliner is metallic. I find this very helpful because it stands out in my stash of liners. I have two shades, Super Black and Brown Black, which I both use all the time.

The brush of the liners are still the same as the original one. I’m not complaining as I feel that it’s already perfect to begin with. Just the right amount of stiffness and a precise tip perfect for a cat eye or winged liner. It also dries pretty quickly which is oh so good for busy gals like myself.

KPalette Real Strong Eyeliner’s formula makes it withstand sweat, water and even oil better than the previous liners. They even claim that the liners are waterproof! Can I see the hands of my ladies who are excited for the summer? I can hear a lot of you rejoicing! 🙂

Even though it’s waterproof, it’s still easy to remove at the end of the day. I use a cleansing oil to remove my waterproof makeup, including my eyeliner. It’s also very important to me that makeup is removed completely before I go to bed, so given that this eyeliner stays put the whole day and is easily removed with some cleansing oil, well call me obsessed.

I love the Super Black shade for a full face makeup or if I want to really emphasize my eyes. It’s a sharp look and will draw attention to the windows of the soul.

Just like the photo, I also enjoy the Brown Black shade a lot. For me, it’s the perfect balance between natural and glam. The shade gives a very sophisticated feel to the look because it’s not too harsh yet it’s not all out natural as well.

Other tan the two, Deep brown is also available for that au naturale barely-there look.

This product is  a must have for gym rats, adventure and sporty aficionados and travel junkies because its unique intense formula blocks out water and sebum. There’s nothing worse than liner smudges and panda eyes while you’re out and about right?

I have tried using the Real Strong Eyeliner when I went to the gym. I actually didn’t put any mascara so that it would be easy for me to distinguish if the liner did smudge or not. Well, lo and behold, it did not and it stayed in place even though I was sweating like a pig. Haha!

If you’re hunting for a new eyeliner, you might want to check this out. KPalette eyeliners are my HG eyeliners because they’re simply the best! By the way, did you know that you can already order your KPalette goodies online? You may check their online store at