Girlstuff Nail Bases Addresses Our Nail Concerns

Nail polish is just like makeup or accessories, it helps bring out your mood, playfulness and makes everything just seem prettier- in this case, your nails. But the base coat or base polish is just as important as the color that we choose. The base coat actually helps strengthen the nails and also addresses our nail concerns.

Girlstuff, one of my fave local brands, came out with 3 different nail bases that will help our nail SOS.

First is the Nail Revive Base Coat.

  1. Helps stimulate nail growth
  2. Thickens and makes nails stronger
  3. Protects nails against splitting and breaking
  4. Smoothes nail surface
  5. Moisturizes nails
  6. Maximizes natural shine of nails
  7. Oils provides nail nutrition

This is the one that I reach for the most out of the 3. One of the main concern I have is having uneven nail surface. I don’t know why exactly that is, but that’s just the way it is. Nail Revive just helps even the nails out better and in time for my nail polish color of choice. Thus making application glide on more smoothly. I also like the Nail Revive variant gives a coat of protection to my nails and gives them the moisture that it lacks. I don’t really moisturize my cuticles or nails.

Next is Peel Off Base Coat that lets you easily peel-off the nail polish. Yep, no need for a nail polish remover anymore. This actually helps prevent yellowing and staining of the nails. I also think this is perfect for those who change their polish every so often because it’s so easy to use.

There’s also Nail Hardener. As the name suggests, it helps harden, strengthen and protect nails. I know a lot of people who have brittle nails and they tend to break their nails so easily. Ouch! I, fortunately, am not one of them. However, think of the Nail Hardener as an extra shield of protection for your nails.

Those are the nail bases of Girlstuff for every girl’s nail concern. I’m sure they’ll come up with so much more but these three are great!

You can use it as a base coat (prior to using your color of choice) or as is. Nail Hardener is actually colored. It has a light nude shade. As for the two, they go on clear.






Also available at:

GIRLSTUFF MALL OF ASIA (2nd Floor near cinema)
GIRLSTUFF GLORIETTA 2 (2nd floor, near landmark entrance)
GIRLSTUFF SM MEGAMALL (4th Floor Bridgeway, infront of Dads/Saisaki Buffet)
GIRLSTUFF NORTH EDSA ANNEX (Ground Floor, near Time Studio)
GIRLSTUFF Alabang Town Center, Main Mall near Zapote exit, near Mango and Giordano