Jin Joo Korean Grill Restaurant

Eating is something my family really enjoys. This is when we get to relax, talk and just enjoy each other’s stories. Since I am the one in charge of cooking and I cook almost every single day, I find myself wanting to eat out and try something different too. I guess when you’re used to the meals that you cook, you appreciate eating out more, even if it’s just casual dining or even fast food!

Since I wanted something new, we headed to SM Aura and decided to dine at Jin Joo Korean Grill. Jin Joo is a Koean restaurant and to be honest, my knowlegde on Korean food is very limited to Samgyupsal and Bibimbap. So Jin Joo was the perfect place to go for a nice dinner with the hubby and my daughter.

I actually don’t have a lot of photos because I initially didn’t plan to blog. But the presentation of the food was just nice that I, nonetheless, decided to share it with my readers. Since it was just the three of us, we decided to order only 2 dishes.

Galbi Bon Sal



First order of business was grilling. My husband doesn’t really enjoy having to cook his own food right on the table, but I personally don’t mind. Fortunately, Jin Joo also has good exhaust that the smell isn’t that strong.

Galbi Bon Sal is boneless short ribs, perfect for grilling. The three of us seemed to really like this dish. I find that the marbled part compliments the meat well and makes it even tastier. Love love this!

Cheese Dung Galbi



I think one of the most famous dishes of Jin Joo is the Cheese Dung Galbi. Iba ang presentation guys! They give you this platter that contains the meat,  corn, steamed egg, rice kimchi and cheese fondant. Then the server will cook it for you. So yes, this was a win in my husband’s eyes.

I really liked the rice. I like fried rich in general, but this- with the cheese was really delicious. I don’t care much for the kimchi but it was actually not so bad when it was added to the rice.

The star of the show was the baby back ribs, covered in mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Yum yum!

I did have high expectations for this but unfortunately, it didn’t meet my expectations. I thought that it was lacking some oomph. Medyo kulang sa lasa eh. Even though it was cheesy, it wasn’t that savory. The ribs, if eaten alone without the cheese, also lacked flavor.

Paired with the rice and some lettuce on the side, it was okay. But really, I would skip it the next time we return to Jin Joo. Even though the presentation was bomb, the taste factor was lacking. Good thing we loved the Galbi Bon Sal though.

How about you? Have you tried Jin Joo? What are your must orders? By the way, they’re also on Eatigo. You can actually get discounts upto 50% off when you use that app. 🙂


Jin Joo

Location: 5/F Sky Garden, SM Aura,, Taguig, Metro Manila