Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Full Collection Review & Swatches

As many of you know, the much awaited Maybelline x Gigi Hadid collection was released a month ago and I was able to get the entire kit so I can share my thoughts with all of you. Grab a snack and get ready for my review and swatches!


This was Gigi’s debut makeup line in collaboration with Maybelline New York and as a makeup junkie herself, she go to work on this project along with her friend and current Maybelline Global Makeup Artist, Erin Parsons for this collection.



Aside from the lipsticks, I was most excited about the Jetsetter Travel Makeup Palette.



First Class Fierce with the Jetsetter Palette

Inspired by Gigi Hadid’s frequent flying needs, feel wanderlust with this carry-on friendly makeup palette that holds all the makeup essentials you need to look fresh on the fly. With glowing skin and a fresh finish, you’ll fear no altitude. During the Master Class, Erin shared tips on how to use Gigi’s Jetsetter Palette to effortlessly transition from a day to night look.



The palette is pretty much a complette palette. I appreciate the colors in this palette a lot as they’re all very wearable. However, I expected a lot more. The placement and sizes of the cheek products are a little off. But what can we expect if we want it to be compact right? I haven’t swatched the lip products yet. As for the concealers, I feel they’re just okay. The eyeshadows are win for me. One swipe and I could definitely see that pigmentation is beautiful. The mascara in the palette is the Colossal mascara which I have already tried and used before. It’s not my favorite Maybelline mascara, but it’s okay.



For the price of P1,899, you may opt to skip this and just buy individuals.


Next let’s move on to the other products from the line:


East Coast Glam



Gigi Hadid BB Cushion



Discover next generation cushion and achieve flawless and poreless coverage that’s long-lasting. Perfect for those who grind from day to night.



Comes in 2 shades

Natural and Fair


I was surprised by the BB cushions. I guess I didn’t expect much of it but coverage is wow. It’s medium coverage that you can build to full coverage. It’s not a flat matte cushion as compared to the Fresh Matte BB Cushion  which I was able to try out. This one has more of a dewy healthy glow finish. This is definitely a winner and worth the P799 price tag.



Gigi Hadid’s Tinted Primer



Gigi’s tinted base doubles as a makeup primer and a way to achieve natural-looking contour. Dubbed as a celebrity must-have, this is one of Gigi’s most-trusted beauty essentials for a flawless finish.


Here are the eye products from the collection:


Gigi Hadid Eye Contour Palette


Available shades: Warm and Cool palette

Price: PHP599



Gigi Hadid’s Eye Contour Palette for the East Coast Glam Look lets you create natural eye contour that accentuates, deepens, and widens the eyes.



I actually like the eyeshadow palettes. The packaging is very sleek and travel friendly. And the eyeshadows are really pigmented!  I find the warm palette just a tad better in terms of pigmentation and it’s not as chalky though. But both are quite good especially with eye primer.



Cool Palette

Warm Palette


Gigi Hadid Brow Pencil


Available shades: Brown, Dark Brown

Price: PHP349



The pencil has a tear drop shape which is quite unique. It’s not the usual pencil type with a sharp rounded end or even the sword cut type. I personally like it and I like that it’s not too waxy that it gets rub off easily. After letting it dry, I actually tried rubbing the swtaches with my finger to see how much it will fade, but I was surprised that it actually stayed put.



Swatch of dark brown and brown:



Gigi Hadid Fiber Mascara



Get thick and lush eyelashes like Gigi with her dual-ended lengthening and volumizing mascara. Go for an instantly irresistible and eye-catching look and bring on East Coast Glam effortlessly and as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Gigi Hadid Liquid Eyeliner




Gigi’s liquid black eyeliner features an ultra-fine .4 mm tip of to achieve laser-sharp precision for the perfect cat eye. It’s long-wearing and smudge-proof so you can, as Gigi says, “Go from meetings in the morning to sexy and chic at night.”



It’s just an okay eyeliner, nothing special. I would still reach for my Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Eyeliner over this because the color is much more intense and opaque.



Now onto the lip kits:

Lipstick- P349

Lip Liner- P249

Both- P499



I swear the packaging makes me swoon all the time! They’re so beautiful, so chic, so pretty.



McCall, Taura and Erin


McCall named after Gigi’s friend, McCall Kroenig.


McCall, pale pinish nude lipstick. For me, it’s a barely there color. It’s very very close to my natural lip color.



Taura, named after Gigi’s astrological sign, Taurus.


Taura is a deeper shade of nude. It almost has a touch of grey, at least on my lips. I was actually very surprised because initially, I thought Taura will be my perfect nude. But I find it too grey on my lips especially if I don’t have makeup on and just my lipstick.




Erin is named after Gigi’s close friend, Erin Parsons.


This is one of the most unique colors from the entire Gigi line. It’s a medium mauve shade. It tend to be on the deeper spectrum of nudes and this alone will make your face light up and look highlighted. You can build it and apply more for a dark mauve shade.



I find the the lip liners to be so-so to be honest. They’re a little short for the price of P249. I can definitely find cheaper liners for the same quality. The lipsticks, I love though. Out of the three, my favorite will definitely be Erin. Skip Taura if you have the same skin tone as me.


West Coast Glow



Gigi Hadid’s Tinted Primer

Available shades: Medium Deep

Price: PHP499



Start your look with Gigi’s Tinted Primer to create a natural contour with a sheer tint of color.


Gigi Hadid Eye Shadow Palette



Available shades: Cool, Warm


Cop the West Coast Glow look with Gigi Hadid’s limited-edition six-shade Mini Eyeshadow Palette. Make a lasting impression by blending the six shades which are carefully curated by Gigi herself.


Now onto the lip kits:

Lipstick- P349

Lip Liner- P249

Both- P499


Lani, Khair and Austyn



Lani is after Gigi’s supermodel friend from L.A.


Lani is a bright orange red shade, very California girl, in my opinion. As seen in the photo, it’s a little sheer and even though I have applied 2 coats already, it’s still not enough.  It’s also very unique, however, I don’t think that orange reds suit me that much. But maybe I’ll work it this summer. What do you think?



Khair is named after Gigi’s sister, Bella’s middle name; because Bella’s personal color of choice is red.


Khair is your everyday red. It’s a cherry red lipstick. I personally think that this is definitely a shade that flatters most Filipina. Been using this shade a lot!



Austyn is also named after one of Gigi’s supermodel friends.


Austyn is a blue based red lippie. For me, this is a classic red shade that everyone should have in their lipstick drawer. It makes your teeth appear whiter and Austyn is more opaque than the earlier shades.



It’s the first time Maybelline has launched lip kits in its entire product roster and it will be available until supplies last. My favorites from the West Coast lippies are Khair and Austyn.


My top picks:

  1. BB Cushion
  2. Brow Pencil
  3. Eyeshadow Palettes both from the East and West Coast. Though the eyeshadow palettes from the West Coast are bigger.
  4. Lipsticks- Erin, Khair and Austyn are my top faves.


In conclusion, there are some products worth buying and some, you can skip. The products that I have recommended are worth the extra bucks because there are no exact dupe from the regular roster of Maybelline. The others are just so-so. I also really love the packaging of every single thing. I like how clean looking yet feminine they are. Even the boxes with the holographic feel and Gigi’s name looks so legit! This is a limited edition collection so you might want to check them out right away because there are some products that were already sold out- just like the gel eyeliner and nude liner and even the Austyn lip liner.


Hope this helps you choose which ones are worth buying! 🙂