Solique Gel Polish Review & Timeline

I am a homemaker which means I do a lot of house chores so keeping my nails manicured is not really a top priority. But as a woman, I would always want to prettify my nails every now and then. And I’ve said this time and time again, my “to-go-to me time” is getting a mani/pedi.


Choosing nail polish is another thing for me. I don’t care for polishes that chip and get removed easily. I have no luxury of time to do my nails every week. I want them rock solid and I want them to last. So rest assured, I would only recommend brands that I’ve tried and tested and those that are true to their promise of being long wearing and chip resistant.


My most favorite is my DIY gel polish. Okay, it’s not literally DIY but it’s so easy to use that you can definitely do it yourself (if you have the talent.) My top gel polish brand is Solique. If you are subscribed to my channel, you probably have heard me talk about Solique over and over again in the past– why? Because they really wear a long time.


My first purchase was the shade Hush.




Because I loved it so much and saw how good the quality is, I purchased two more; Love Me Like You Do and Baby Blues next.



You must also purchase the Solique Gel Top Coat.

I’m sure you’re all wondering how to use it because I keep saying it’s easy to use, yet it’s gel polish.


How can this be something you can DIY?

Basically, Solique is a NO-UV, NO-Soak Gel polish. What makes it a DIY polish for me is that you no longer need to use a UV lamp to harden the polish. Solique polish is simply cured under direct sunlight. And it dries quite fast too. Another bit that you have to know is that it’s so easy to remove. You no longer need to wrap your fingers around a foil with some gel polish remover. Solique can be removed by regular nail polish remover. It Solique comes off like normal polish. So bongga!



What I LIKE:

  1. It is so easy to use. Doesn’t require UV light.
  2. Lasts a long time!
  3. So easy to remove. No need for fancy gel polish removers.
  4. Quick drying
  5. Inexpensive at P180 per bottle. Top coat is only P200.
  6. Free from harsh chemicals.



  1.  Based on my experience, some shades require more coats than others.
  2. Solique Gel top coat is required to set the polish.


I wanted to share my experience with Solique. Here’s a timeline of my nails and how it grew with very minimal chipping.


Newly painted (I got it done by someone else because I can’t do my nails to save my life.)


1 week after


10 days after


I actually let the polish stay on my nails for 2 weeks because I just didn’t have time to remove them and they still look very decent even after everything that I do with my hands.


Love Me Like You Do gel polish


Solique polishes are definitely comparable to imported brands. Plus, since it’s the sister brand of GirlStuff, they are also free of the 5 chemicals namely Toulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde resin and Camphor. It is these chemicals, especially Formaldehyde, that damage the nails.


Baby Blues gel polish


It’s no question that I love the brand and how easy and convenient it is. I highly recommend the brand to my fellow moms, home makers and busy bees. 🙂