Johnson's Frozen Bath Time!

I know some parents who have problems giving their kids bath. I understand why. Kids are so active that they don’t really like idle time. You can’t expect them to stay still because of their energy. So what my husband and I did was to keep our bath times fun. We make sure that bath time is still enjoyable for Robyn. We play games while bathing her. We sing songs and dance while showering. When she was a bit younger, I gave her bath toys so she can play while I take a shower myself.



When I realized that my daughter’s no longer a baby, I decided to introduce the Active Kids formula of Johnson’s because baby shampoos and shower gels no longer work. The scent doesn’t last the whole day and because Robyn is such an active kid that she needs products that fit her lifestyle nowadays.



I would consider Robyn’s skin to be mildly sensitive. There are some products that dry her skin easily. So I usually stick to products that she’s “hiyang” with. And since shampoo touches her skin, I’ve been very picky with the products that I introduce to her. And Johnson’s works for her.



I love the Active Kids formula a lot and when we saw this package, complete with the Frozen characters, Robyn got even more excited.


Johnson’s Active Kids Shampoo and Conditioner:





I tell you, kids and their Disney. πŸ™‚



So check out the Johnson’s Active Kids with Disney’s Frozen the next time you shop for your kids’ toiletries. Hopefully this helps keep bath time fun for the kiddos as well! πŸ™‚



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