KPalette's Arkade 10 & New Reformulated Eyeliners

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I’m a big fan of KPalette. I have tried and tested their eyeliner many many times, in different situations and circumstances and it has proven its worth, hence, KPalette eyeliners are my Holy Grail eyeliners to date.




Just recently, I posted a photo of myself on Instagram with one eye lined using KPalette eyeliner and the other bare. You could totally see the difference. Eyeliner makes the look more expressive and dramatic. Simply put, it just completes the makeup look.



This 2017 KPalette celebrates their 10th year and with this, they invites us to KPalette’s Arkade 10.



It was such a cute and well thought of event. There were UFO catchers where you can get to win the cult favorites, their eyeliners and eyebrow products!



I almot got the special “what’s-in-the-box” but unfortunately dropped it. šŸ™ Walang swerte sa arcade games. Haha!



Even their little makeup station was also so cute. Here you could see how they improved and reformulated their eyeliners to make them better all the time!



Here’s Cheryl, the beauty and brains of Beautybox Corp.



Yep, they now have 4. I feel that this is so perfect, depending on the look you want to achieve.


Super Black
for bigger and defined eyes


Natural Black (newest shade)
for bright eyed barely there look


Brown Black
for elegant and smart look


Deep Brown
for soft and sweet look


Here are the swatches:
(from top to bottom)
Super Black, Natural Black, Brown Black and Deep Brown


These eyeliner shades are already available in the market!


Here’s another photo of myself. One eye with eyeliner and the other without. It’s so crazy how both eyes look so different right?



Happy 10th anniversary! I’m so excited for what’s to come because I know that only good things are in store for the brand! šŸ™‚