Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2017

Last month, I was invited by Sample Room and Shiseido for the Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2017. I believe this is my 3rd time to go to Shiseido's Beauty Fairs. This year's event focused on moms like myself. Giving us moms a pamper treatment. Booths for facials, hand massage, eyebrow shaping and makeup makeover were there for the weekend.

There was also a makeup workshop during the event. First, Charmagne focused on skin care. Before anything, skin care is always important. Charmagne, being a mom herself knows that there are times we have to skip makeup because we're rushing out the door, so having healthy skin is the answer.

And then it was time for makeup. There was a demo on how to achieve a flawless base.

She used the new Synchro Skin foundation that looked like airbrush makeup! Shiseido wants to emphasize the skin and not mask it.

I like the trick that was shared during the demo. Do your makeup one step at a time, meaning put blush on your left and then on your right. Same goes with eye makeup, Crease color on your left then on your right. So that if you need to leave and you didn't get to finish your makeup, your makeup is still even.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take an after photo of the model. But basically, golden tones of eyeshadow was used and a muted pink lipstick to create that clean and timeless look that Shiseido is well known for..

After the talk, we were able to go around the booths. I got the Shiseido Facial simply because I wanted to see what their steps were and how they achieve that healthy and well moisturized looking skin.

I also got eyebrow shaping because I have been neglecting my brows and I haven't had them threaded yet. :(

I wasn't able to end the vlog because I ran out of battery but good thing I was able to capture the entire process of Shiseido's Facial.



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