Shangrila at the Fort Room Tour

It's been awhile since I last posted on my Rest and Relaxation category. I wonder if that means I haven't really been treating myself to some RnR? Since I'm still fresh from our most recent trip, which I vlogged about by the way. I'll try to edit that asap so if anyone's interested in joining the cruise, you could see what to expect. Okay, going on a tangent- I decided to post our Shangri-La at the Fort room tour.

We stayed 2 nights at Shangrila for my sister in law's wedding last February. And this was our room. I believe this is the deluxe room. It was a modest size room, if you ask me but it had tons of closet and drawer space. It proved to be great help for us since we were spending 2 nights and we had huge gowns and bulky clothes. Not to mention, the hair and makeup tools I brought with me.

The bed was very inviting. And the night lamps were so pretty. 

There was a seating area for one person. I gotta say I wasn't totally impressed. Hotel rooms usually have a couch or a seating area for 2, but given the size of the room, it was okay. I also like that it came with a leg stool. This was also where Robyn slept. Yup, converted it to a bed when it was night time.

Here's the desk/work area. This was where we did our makeup because the natural light was gorge! When you look to the left side of the photo, you'd see that there are usb charging slots available. Huge plus for people with lots of gadgets!

Here's the view from the window:

This was the entertainment slash bar. I love that there's an additional seating space here. Since our room was used for "preps"; bridesmaids came for the hair and makeup in our room. There were a lot of people and seating areas were very helpful. I also made use of the long counter space/table. As you can see, I've already put my bag and some random things on the side. The drawers were also very helpful as I was able to keep our other things in there.

Here's the mini bar.

The hallway had a full size mirror perfect for last minute checks and ootds. This was actually the door going to the bathroom.

On the opposite side was where we can place our bags and luggages. And there were several cabinets available. As what I said, the room's got lots of storage spaces.

Another main thing for me when I check in hotels is the bathroom. This is what it looked like.

Their bathroom isn't your typical modern bathroom where there is a glass window instead of a wall to divide the bedroom and bathroom. 

The bathroom was very clean and spacious. It came with a nice size tub which Robyn loved. I let her use it because when we went to the pool, it was freezing. ;)

Here's the vanity area.

The obligatory selfie! The bathroom was well lit, I loved it!

The shower and the toilet is separated by this glass divider. The shower had a rain shower head and a telephone head. Why is there a seating space, you ask? I think this is really intended for older people who may need to be seated when they take a shower. I know this because my grandma uses a stool in her shower, so does my mother in law. It's actually a very clever idea. I think even pregnant women will appreciate this.

The use L'Occitane toiletries. The smell of Jasmine and Bergamote reminds me of the spa!

Here is the toilet. Nothing fancy here. :)

By the way, this was so sweet. When we entered our room, we saw these treats laid down for us as a welcome package from Shangrila.

Overall I really enjoyed our stay at Shangri-La Fort. I wish Robyn was able to play at Adventure Zone but time didn't permit us. I also was able to take a peek at the other rooms and it had a different layout and different size. Since it was my sister in law's wedding, I was able to see the bridal suite and that was pretty huge. 

The food was also delicious! We had our breakfast buffet in the hotel and I loved the variety of the food. There was a lot of choices that everyone can enjoy. Oh and their hot chocolate was so yummy! :)

Happy Camper!

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