Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse Wagyu All You Can

If you were to ask me what I would prefer as my main course over any other, my answer is simple- steak. I love steak. Both my husband and I love steak that we both get excited when we see steak places offering really good deals and we’d race who would forward the message to the other first.

Recently, we were able to try a new steak place in Century City Makati, Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse. They were offering an Eat All You Can Wagyu for a really low price of P899/person as their opening promo. So I hopped over their Facebook page and made a reservation as fast as I could. Their reservation system wasn’t the best at that time, since they just newly opened and a lot of people were dying to take advantage of the promo.  I booked but still called them via mobile phone to confirm our reservation just to be sure. We ended up getting the 4:00pm seating time since there were no other later choices.


The  restaurant was clean. Very minimalist. It had the pub feel where it’s a little darker than normal. I actually would have wanted a brighter restaurant just so I could take better photos. Haha!


Each order comes with soup, bread, some veggies and a choice of mashed potato or rice. Drinks don’t come with the promo but I was surprised to see that their Bottomless drinks are only P90.


First came the soup. It was okay. If I remember correctly, it was Cream of Corn that day. They have Soup of the Day so I can’t say you’ll get the same if you visit them. There was nothing special about the soup.


Next was the bread. Skip this! I repeat, do not eat this. Our bread was so hard, rock hard! I love bread and was really looking forward to spreading butter onto my bread but when I touched it and tried to take a bite out of it, it was so hard! My husband said that it might be yesterday’s bread. Tsk tsk.


Then came the main event, our wagyu. The first dish looked so beautiful. It was presented beautifully actually. I chose mashed potato since I don’t eat rice. The meat was tender as expected. It was so chewy and melted really well as I chew it. It lacked a little bit of flavor, in my opinion. But it’s nothing a little salt and pepper wouldn’t improve. Since it’s only P899 and unlimited, I didn’t have high expectations, but surprisingly, the meat was actually good.


We ordered some more pieces and this is what the cut looks like. As you can tell, they manually cut the meat so it’s not very uniform. I don’t mind this at all because what is important for me is the taste. There was also a sauce on the table that we could use but when I tried it, I didn’t like it with the beef so I just stuck to salt and pepper since the meat was already marinated and cooked with thyme anyway.


Their service was good. The servers were smiling especially the one who brought us to our table. When we asked for more meat, they were pretty prompt. We didn’t have to keep asking them. However, getting the bill is a different story. I asked for the bill maybe 4 times to about 2 different servers and didn’t get it even after waiting. I ended up getting up and walking to the cashier to settle my bill. And to my surprise, she hasn’t even prepared the bill yet. Just to remind you, I have already called for it and waited patiently. They didn’t have any credit card terminals at that time so I had to pay in cash. I’m pretty sure by this time, they’ve already processed it or maybe they already accept cards.


Overall, the experience was good. The wagyu was also good. I wouldn’t say it’s the best but for the price, it’s not bad at all, nothing to complain about! In fact, I would even recommend it to friends. And if you have never tried wagyu before or just want to eat more at a minimal cost, take advantage!


As for me though, because we have membership cards elsewhere and for that amount of money, I could already enjoy more food choices, I wouldn’t come back unless I’m craving for wagyu, specifically. Or maybe if there’s some new promo or some new dishes that we could try out.


If you don’t want to get the Wagyu All You Can promo, you can actually order their other dishes from the menu. I haven’t tried the others yet but looking at the menu, they’re actually reasonably priced. 🙂



Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse

Ground Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue,  Makati


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HogsandCattle/


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