The New NYX PH!

NYX Cosmetics reopened last month at SM Megamall and I was one of the first people to get a feel of the new NYX store!

NYX has already streamlined their look and they now have a uniform look with all of the NYX stores worldwide. Isn't that amazing?

Going in is like entering makeup heaven as there's so much color, very hip vibe and lots and lots of testers to play with!

The store truly looks polished and very professional. I love all of the different racks and shelves that really make every makeup enthusiast sigh. Just look at all those colors!


Hello! That wall though!

During the event, we also saw the new products of NYX! Here are my top picks!

NYX Whipped

Whipped is so lightweight that it can actually be used as eyeshadow, blush and lip color! And look at those shades! Here are swatches:

There's also the Ombre Family! Ombre Blushes and Ombre Lipsticks:

 Ombre Blushes
Ombre Lipsticks

I think this was the main star of the night. We all know how ombres are the fad nowadays, so not only did NYX make ombre lipsticks, they even made ombre blushes! You can create that gradiant effect easily with just one product.

Here's a swatch:

There was also Strobe of Genius which was an illuminating palette. Talk about an all in one palette right? There are several shades to color correct, bronze and highlight the face!

There were also a couple of  new shades of their Liquid Suede lipsticks. Look at this shelf, it's such a beauty, seriously!

I think one of the most exciting things about the new store is the swatch and play area. Testers are there so customers can help themselves and swatch all they want. Best thing is that little gadget that you see below. They play NYX tutorials that you can easily follow step by step! :)

Also loved the NYX FOTDs! I learned that they're planning to put FOTDs of Pinays here as well! That would be reallye exciting. And just looking at it, it already give you inspiration, doesn't it? :)

So check our and visit the new NYX at SM Megamall! :) They're just across Forever 21!

Here's my vlog during that day:


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