Gift Ideas for Your Man!

It's the most wonderful time of the year once again, it's Christmas! I cannot even begin to describe how excited I always am when it's Christmas. Along with that excitement is a bit of stress. Admit it, gift giving is also stressful. Thinking of gifts to give our loved ones especially the men in our lives. I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time choosing gifts for men. I don't know if it's because the men in my life are generally very simple men, so thinking of what things they might like is even more challenging. 

Don't fret ladies, I got you! Here are some gift ideas you can consider.


Let's start with the basics. Sure, they might not be something grand or expensive, but trust me, it's thoughtful! Men are generally lazy shoppers. They don't like shopping especially for the most basic things! Trust me! So it's actually hitting two birds with one stone, you get to buy him things that he "really" needs and give them as a present! Your man will sincerely be thankful and it doesn't even cost as much.

Some of the basic gifts that I recommend are:

 Socks: Because if your man is like my husband, he wears socks every single day.

 Belts: They aren't keen on buying belts themselves. 

Underwear: Need I say more?

Handkerchief: Same with socks, they use it everyday.


If you want to give something than a physical item, why not give the gift of experience? From what I know, men also hold sentimental value to experiences, so why not give him a memory he can remember until he's older?

Some of the experience gifts I recommend are:

 Movie or Play: Depending on your man, you can take him on a movie date or to a play! Maybe even to something that they've been dying to see.

 Couple's Massage/Spa: Nothing is better than relaxing with your man. Some men also find it hard to visit a spa and unwind by themselves, so go ahead and do it together.

Eat!: Have a dinner date or even a breakfast or lunch date! Conversations are important for both men and women. Take this time to reconnect with your man over a yummy meal!

Getaway/Holiday: If you feel like your man needs a vacation, why not plan a surprise trip? If you have a workaholic man, he might need a little bit of push and somebody to tell him he deserves a little getaway.

Arcade or Theme Park: If you know that your man loves games, spend the day in an arcade or a theme park.


If you want something special this Christmas, go the extra mile and think of things that your man need but doesn't have yet. It may be as simple as a laptop case, a cellphone housing or even a charger. Think of things that he needs but he didn't realize he doesn't have yet.

Some of the splurge items I would suggest are:

A nice jacket: If you leave in a tropical country, you wouldn't think you'll ever need a jacket. But if you travel, you'll need it! So get your man a jacket even if he thinks he doesn't need it. ;)

 Shoes: My husband uses the same shoes almost every single day, so obviously, the life of his shoes isn't that long. Another pair or maybe a replacement pair is always nice so he doesn't need to think about it anymore.

 Fancy Dining: Everybody loves to eat. If you usually eat out with your man, why not treat him to something fancier? Perhaps, dine at one of the sought after restaurants or check out hotel restaurants too? They not only serve good food but the ambiance is lavish too.

Pillows or Bed Sheets: After a long day, nothing beats a good sleep and our beds give us that. Why not give your man new sheets? The soft sheets will surely make him doze off faster. If you have the extra budget, you can even give fresh pillows! Did you know that pillows are recommended to be changed after 3-4 years? So maybe it's about time he gets new ones.


It's common for us to think of the hobbies and interests of the receiver of a gift and to be honest, I find it easier if you know what he likes. You're sure that he would use/play whatever you give. The best gift receiver is one who collects! It's a no brainer what you'll give him. But- just remember, if you can take a peek of his collection just to see what he already has, that would be perfect! 

I think it's already self explanatory, so here are my recommendations:

 Games or iTunes credits

 Concert Ticket, subcsription to Spotify, a Record or CD

 Books, eBooks or Audio Books

 Pets, Pet Supplies or GC to buy items for his pets

 Membership to his sport, Jersey, Shoes, Sport Equipment

 Gadgets or accessories for their electronics

I hope that my list helped you out and gave you some ideas what to give the man in your life. Just remember that it's not about the price tag, it's about the thought that you put into the gift that counts. :)

From my man and I, Merry Christmas! :)

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