Safehouse Storage for My Packing Needs!

I wanted to do another throwback post today because I really wanted to feature this her eon the blog since day 1. 

As you know, we moved houses June of last year and one of the things we were not looking forward to was packing our things. H and I lived in our previous place with our daughter with no helper whatsoever. That meant that there was literally nobody to help us pack all of our things, box them and figure out how to assemble everything in plastics and boxes.

So I knew I needed help and so I contacted Safehouse and got their Packing services.

Saehouse is actually a self storage and warehouse facility. Storage prices start at P2000/month. But other than that, they also offer other services to help manage their customers and their valued items.

Like what I mentioned, I contacted them for packing services. First thing was for them to visit my place and give me an estimate on how much packing cost will be. If I remember correctly, they base it on per cubic feet. The more and bulkier items, the higher the price.

I scheduled the visit about a month before the actual move just because I wanted to find out if the cost was reasonable and surprise surprise, it was!

So I gave them the scheduled date of our move and they arrived on time. There were 3 people who came to help us pack. They brought boxes, packing tape and packing paper. They made use of our cabinets and some of our plastic containers as well to store our small items too. They used Robyn's crib to pack our pillows and blankets. They finished in 2 hours! Yup, they packed our home in 2 hours. How crazy is that! 

See why I highly recommend getting help from the professionals? They were so efficient. If it was just me and hubby, it would have taken us days to finish!

Safehouse Storage also has trucking services which meant all the packed items will be delivered to your new place. I didn't avail of that anymore because we have a van to use that day. But for those people who don't have a van or a truck, and have lots of things and boxes to move, I'd recommend that you avail of this service. They will bring everything for you hassle free! 

I'm really happy with the packing service of Safehouse. I couldn't imagine how much stress I would have been in if we did all the packing and moving ourselves. Imagine doing that with a very active toddler? There's just no way.

So if you're moving or if you have so much stuff, you don't know where to place them anymore, you might want to check out Safehouse and see which of their services may be helpful for you. :)

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