#oliviarobynturns1 Food Carts & Dessert Buffet

It’s been awhile since I last posted about Robyn’s 1st Birthday and I still have a few more topics I wanted to cover. Life got in the way and I totally forgot to finish my series. My daughter is already 3 and I thought it’s about time I go ahead and continue my posts. Throwback ang peg mga mommies! Hope you don’t mind. πŸ˜€
I wanted to talk about the little knick knacks of Robyn’s party. The food carts and snacks for our guests which can I just say, was such a hit to all our guests! We all love little snacks, don’t we? It also helps giving a few treats to guests while they wait for the program to start. Let’s face it, everybody and I mean everybody, loves eating. It definitely can take your mind off of waiting and it simply just makes you more patient. Haha! And so food carts were definitely something that we needed.
I got 4 different food carts and a dessert buffet. I’ll discuss them all one by one.
Rinox Food Carts were so kind enough to sponsor 2 food carts/snack booths. We had a booth for French Fries and another for Corn Dogs! Everybody loved the carts because well, all of us really like fries and the corn dogs were different. It sucks that I didn’t get to take photos of the corn dogs, I also wasn’t able to try it. But all of my sisters said that it was so yummy! 

Rinox Food Cart was also very easy to talk to and I really appreciate that they even incorporated the party design to their food carts. It looked so uniform! The staff were also very friendly, all of the “kuyas” were smiling the whole time. 
If you are planning a party, I highly suggest you contact Rinox. Here’s their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foodcartsrental/ and their website. Do let them know you found them from my blog. πŸ˜‰
I also wanted some Nachos because I thought this would be something my older guests would enjoy, and so I got this food cart from our party stylist. She already has a list of her accredited partner food carts so I availed of this just to lessen the suppliers that I have to contact and deal with. 

Our guests appreciated the snacks that we have prepared for them and the options that they could choose from. In fact, these booths were such a hit that they finished exactly before the program started.
Another booth that I wanted was a Dessert Buffet. It just seemed like that’s the fad nowadays. All of the parties I went to had dessert buffets filled with candies, snacks and sweets. Luckily, my party stylist has an add on option of a dessert buffet. So, I also got that from her. I like the idea of her handling the dessert buffet because it means she’d be the one to style and decorate the dessert table as well, which means the look and theme will be consistent. Plus, like what I mentioned, less suppliers to talk to. (Believe me, it’s draining to talk to so much)

I decided to get some Ice Cream Cake Pops as well. Ordered these from Tessa’s Cupcakes. Since we didn’t have a big cake to go around the guests, I thought cake pops will do the trick. I saw so many cute ice cream cake pops or cupcakes in ice cream cone designs that  I wanted it for our party as well.

We got just a few pieces of this and put it right smack on the center of our dessert buffet. It’s so pretty to eat! But alas, the kids went gaga over it! πŸ˜‰
Last but not least, it’s not an ice cream party without actual ice cream! I was initially debating if I should get a dirty ice cream food cart or one from Nestle. I decided on the latter because it’s so easy to contact them, Ordered via their website and that’s it! Hubby also says Nestle ice cream is less messy to eat, which is true. Haha! Yes, we’re clean freaks like that. πŸ™‚ Plus, everybody knows Nestle, so we’re more confident serving that.
It was a great treat and dessert for everyone! I didn’t order a lot, I think I only ordered about 100-120 pcs for 250 guests. My sister counted them as well before the program started just to be sure everything’s complete.
In the end, looking at the photos of our guests enjoying the little snacks that we prepared while they waited, I say it was a success! I didn’t see anybody frowning, everyone was patient and everyone had either a corndog or nachos or ice cream on hand. I knew that having food carts and kiosks played a major part in our party’s success.

 See, even little Robyn enjoyed the snacks! πŸ™‚ 


Rinox Food Cart

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Phone: (0937) 3706611 or (02) 2634959

The Party Studio

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Tessa’s Cupcakes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TessaCupcakes/

Phone: (0916) 836 5588

Nestle Ice Cream Party

Phone: (02) 898 6260

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