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When I was younger, I wasn't very careful of my things. I guess I was just unaware of the costs of things. I didn't know better since I was still young and naive. Haha! Fast forward to when I started making my own money. I realizes the value of every single thing. I learned that we do need to take care of our belongings because we worked hard for them and some may even have sentimental value.

One of the things that I forget to take care of are my bags. So when Oh My Bag PH reached out to me, I thought that it was indeed time to give importance to my favorite bags.

 Bag Stuffer 
Price starts at P150

You know how some bags don't keep their shapes? Bag stuffers will be your best friend. Say no to soggy unshaped bags! It's also machine washable, dryer friendly and the color will not transfer.

 Tylissa Handle Wraps

Approx dimensions:
length: 37.5 inches
width 2 inches 

My favorite from the bunch are these beautiful handle wraps. It protects the handles, keeping them from getting damaged as we carry the weight of our bags using the handles. It also gives your bag a different character. Don't you think?

 Bag Raincoat

 Available in:
Medium 15.5 inches x 22 inches
Large: 18 inches x 22 inches
Black or brown

Don't you hate it when the rain ruins your beloved bag? I do! I actually have suede bags and you know how those can't get wet right? So this product is a genius! No more hiding my bag under my shirt. Haha! You can even use this to protect your bag not just from the rain but even for dirt and dust!

Some people may think that this is too extravagant and it's a luxury to do these steps and have all these for your bag. But we all know that proper TLC will lengthen the life of our bags.If you think about it, it's a lot more practical and cheaper than buying a brand new bag! They have several designs and sizes so visit Oh My Bag PH's online site to see the entire line.

Oh My Bag PH
Instagram: ohmybagphils

Disclaimer: Product is given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.

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